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Renesas RX231 Family are Low-Power MCUs with DSP and FPU

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Renesas has a family of microcontrollers (MCUs) that are low-power with enhanced DSP and FPU. They are a 32-bit RXv2 CPU core group, that leverages the optimal core value and improved DSP/FPU. The group has low-power consumption technology helping with realizing advanced power efficiency.

They carry high-performance digital filtering, floating point operation, as well as other processing that can be performed where the current supply is low. The RX231 Group of MCUs a high industry level of communication security and encryption functions. A high sensitivity level of noise tolerance and capacitive touch sensor abilities, as well as SD host interface, CAN communications, and USB functionality.

Some of the applications the RX231 can be used for include:

  • Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Communications for Network Infrastructure
  • Data centers
  • Device security
  • IEC 61508 Functional safety
  • Low-cost 3D Printer
  • Material Detection
  • Networking solutions for smart cities
  • Robotic vacuum

The RX security solution

Autonomous security for IoT endpoint devices is provided by Renesas proprietary hardware secure IP (Trusted Secure IP)

IoT devices on a network of external devices are always open to a variety of threats. However, if the IoT endpoint device is secure, it can protect itself from threats. It can also prevent malicious and unauthorized behaviors, and do so in an unsafe environment on a network.

Using Trusted Secure IP Renesas has a strong security technology. It provides autonomous security for IoT endpoint devices.

RX security solutions

  • Hardware
    • Securely manage important keys
    • MCU with built-in security IP
  • Software
    • Perform DLM
    • Providing various types of software
  • Key Wrap Service
    • Securely Manage User Keys
    • Manage user programs securely
    • Encrypted key generation service
  • Evaluation Boards and Kits
    • Quick start security evaluation
    • Complete development environment

For the hardware solution, RX comes complete with Trusted Secure IP, which can not be accessed externally. Key data in a cryptographic engine are strongly protected. Also, it combines area protection features and RX-specific features to protect authentication programs from tampering with outside threats. A developer can build a Root of trust that provides self-sustaining security and provides easy and robust protection from a variety of different threats.

With the software aspect of RX security Renesas will provide drivers that help the Trusted Secure IP work, along with secure updating and secure booting sample programs so that RX-specific features can be deployed quickly and easily.

For Key Wrap Services

  • Instantly generate and provide encrypted keys with auto attendants
  • Keys are delivered using the secure Pretty Good Privacy
  • Available right after initial user registration

For evaluation kits, Renesas offers kits that allow for the evaluation of robust security immediately. This contributes to reducing turnaround time (TAT) for the development of security-enabled devices. No NDA is required for the manual and driver for Trusted Secure IP.

For more information on the RX Group and its advanced security see the product family page here

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Renesas RX231 Family are Low-Power MCUs with DSP and FPU

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min