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Renesas RA6M5 Group Microcontrollers Feature Advanced Security for IoT Devices

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Renesas RA6M5 group microcontrollers feature advanced security for IoT devices. The Renesas RA6M5 group can operate as a secure element, and support applications that require secure over-the-air updating. This is all thanks to the cryptography accelerators.

The RA6M5 is part of the Renesas RA6 series of microcontrollers (MCU) and provides a wide array of security and communications functions. That feature facilitates in-the-field secure software updating to the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The RA6M5 series of MCUs run an ARM Cortex-M33 core at up to 200 MHz. That level of operations provides plenty of security capabilities including the Arm TrustZone secure partitioning technology.

The RA6M5 group also features the Renesas Secure Crypto Engine, which incorporates multiple symmetric and asymmetric cryptography accelerators, as well as advanced key management. Other key security features include resistance to power analysis, security lifecycle, and tamper detection.

The RA6M5 MCU Group Features

  • SPI/I2C multimaster interface
  • Capacitive touch-sensing unit
  • 107µA/MHz current in active mode
  • 30 µs wake up time
  • Two ADCs

The MCUs also provide up to 2MB of Flash memory and 512 KB of RAM, which includes 64 KB of error detection code. The MCUs also include an OctaSPI interface which enables designers to extend on-chip resources with access to external Flash memory.

Some of the applications that would be ideal for use with the RA6M5 MCU group would include, wired Ethernet systems, fire alarm systems, door openers, security panel controls, intruder detection, uninterruptible power supplies, vending machines, and HVAC systems.

To find out more about the Renesas RA6M5 microcontroller group, visit the product page here.

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