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Renesas Introduces RISC-V MCU Specifically for Advanced Motor Control

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Just a few days ago, Renesas Electronics Corporation introduced the industry’s first RISC-V MCU specifically optimized for advanced motor control systems. This new solution is a turnkey, ready-to-use solution for customers in need of an MCU for motor control applications with no development costs at all. The developer benefits from decreased time-to-market, and cost reductions because the units are delivered pre-programmed ASSP that eliminates the need for RISC-V-related tools and software investment. 

Target applications for this solution include healthcare devices, home appliances, smart homes, building automation, drones, and many others.

Renesas has taken a substantial role, as a leader in providing RISC-V processing solutions. One of the many initiatives is the introduction of 64-bit general-purpose RZ/Five MPUs based on the 64-bit RISC-V CPU. The company is also announcing the development of RISC-V automotive solutions as well.

Optimized Solution in Collaboration with Global Partners

The Renesas new R9A02G020 motor control ASSP is based on RISC_V processing IP from Andes Technology Corp. Franklin Lin, CEO of Andes, said, “We are thrilled to have Andes’ entry-level RISC-V processor IP providing computing power in Renesas’ R9A02G020 MCU ASSP. We believe Renesas making a powerful, low-power MCU ASSP available to the market will accelerate the incorporation of RISC-V in a broad array of applications. It will also encourage software developers to produce more creative and efficient applications for RISC-V, thus speeding up the adoption of this next generation paradigm.”

The new RISC-V ASSP will be delivered as pre-programmed with a specialized application code, developed in cooperation with leading Independent Design Houses (IDHs) BFG Engineering and DigiPower (HK) Technology Ltd. BFGG and DigiPower both have expertise in the specialized areas of motor control and both with proven customer support ability.

BFG is famous for sensorless algorithms and for allowing customers to reduce motor start-up times. DigiPower has been in building and creating since 2008, in areas of cost-optimized, scalable motor drive solutions. The company has designed specific solutions for the control of many different appliances, including refrigerators, fans, pumps, and many more.

Both BFG and DigiPower will work closely with customers to create designs and aid in the transition to production.  

Key features of the R9A02G020 Motor Control ASSP

  • Rich analog IP functionality.
    • ADCs with three dedicated PGA and S/H,
    • Two DACs
    • Two comparators
    • Temperature sensor
  • Innovative cost-optimized 32MHz, 32-bit CPU based on license-free RISC-V ISA
  • Small 24 and 32-pin QFN Packages
  • 48 KB Flash
  • Sensor-less vector control for one BLDC motor, 1/3 shunt, PFC and Hall sensor inputs
  • SRAM: 16 KB (4KB ECC)
  • High-temperature support up to Ta +125C for use in harsher scenarios
  • CPU and bus memory protections units
  • Pre-programmed and tested software
  • Reference design tools and docs:
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Kit
    • Tools
    • Datasheet – hardware
    • Datasheet – software
    • GUI manual
    • Application notes


R9A02G020 MCU ASSP motor control solution is available now, for more information visit the product page here

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Renesas Introduces RISC-V MCU Specifically for Advanced Motor Con…

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