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RelayFi is a Smart Home Automation Board Attached to Alexa and Others

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

CoreData Global is announcing its Kickstarter campaign for the smart board, RelayFi. RelayFi is a smart automation board, that allows users to control up to four devices right through their home IoT assistant or smartphone.

RelayFi is powered by ESP32-WROOM (4MB) with four-channel relays that can help control up to 4 devices.

RelayFi Channel Conntections

RelayFi is set up to connect easily, and simply, through ESP32-WROOM, GPIO pins, EL817C Optoisolator, onboard CH340C, I2C connector, relay selection jumpers, and relay status indicator.

CoreData Global developed a compact and economical solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) community so that they can develop projects from RelayFi and use them in their IoT projects.

RelayFi is compatible with many of the most popular smart speakers. Alexa and Google Assistant are regular features in our homes and offices, and only gaining popularity in many places. The smart speakers are user-friendly, compact in size, and make life simpler and easier. Now check the weather, play music, setting the alarm, with just your voice or smartphone, on smart speakers. With RelayFi you can connect appliances such as fans, bulbs, TV, toasters, and even coffee machines.

The smart RelayFi is compatible with TASMOTA, ESP RainMaker, and ESP-NOW allowing users to run devices from the phone, laptop, or any other connected electronic device. RelayFi is also compatible with single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, beaglebone, and many others.

CoreData Global is launching the boards on Kickstarter on Thursday, September 29, 2022. The code for connecting to multiple smart devices will be released on GitHub, for TASMOTA, ESP-NOW, Alexa, Google Assistant, and many more.


The CoreData Global RelayFi availability is to be announced, the initial three-day prelaunch event will cost $24.00 USD.

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RelayFi is a Smart Home Automation Board Attached to Alexa and Ot…

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