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Qualcomm Presents Its Aware Platform with Four New IoT Devices

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Qualcomm presents its Aware Platform with four new IoT devices. In February 2023 Qualcomm announced its new line of trackers and sensors which all fit into the new Aware Platform. The platform is an end-to-end Internet of Things system, with some note-worthy aspects.

The company is saying there are three pillars and four new devices all on schedule to arrive sometime in the near future. The three pillars of Qualcomm Aware are Industry-leading technology, an expansive hardware ecosystem, and easy-to-use, API-first design.

  • Industry-leading technology – a proprietary set of positioning techniques, advanced silicon, and connectivity solutions. The set offers developers a complete package that is intelligent and optimized for cloud design and enterprise across multiple industries.
  • Expansive hardware ecosystem – a broad range of partner companies that deliver software and hardware to enterprise-scale developers. The developers can work faster and more cost-efficiently in developing connected solutions. The integration with the cloud is seamless, and users can manage devices and services effectively and with ease.
  • API-first design, with ease of use – This is a suite of APIs, webhooks, and development tools that has integration abilities for private cloud and enterprise resource planning (ERP). This makes digitization quick and easy for deployments while being cost-effective and still delivering better performance.

The real core of this platform is the use of the latest sensors, trackers, and a smart label. The four devices make up a hard-to-beat system when backed by Qualcomm’s years of experience in the industry and beyond.

The device lineup

Aware Sensor – A low-cost inclinometer that is ultra-compact and used for pole tilt monitoring. The sensor is cloud-attached and reports on the tilt of the assets and sets off an alarm if a title threshold is reached or exceeded. It can report on impact thresholds as well.

Aware Cellular Label – This peel-off label attaches right to the box and tracks shipments. The smart label periodically reports the location of the asset to the cloud and can set off an alarm if the package is breached or opened.

Aware Tracker – A smart device with a long list of sensor capabilities. It can track location, and environmental conditions, and detect falls, temperature, and humidity, as well as other abilities.

Aware Thin Tracker – This credit card-sized tracker is designed for visibility and shipment logistics. The sensor is reusable, chargeable, and power-optimized for efficiency. It is also lightweight and can transmit geolocation data to the cloud.

For more information on the Qualcomm Aware Platform access the Qualcomm product page here.

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Qualcomm Presents Its Aware Platform with Four New IoT Devices

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min