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PSoC MCUs Get 5th Gen Capacitive Sense Tech

Infineon Technologies has launched the company’s fifth-generation CAPSENSE capacitive and inductive touch sensing human-machine interface (HMI) technology. The next-generation CAPSENSE solution embedded in PSoC microcontrollers delivers higher performance and lower power consumption for demanding user interfaces in home appliance, industrial, consumer and IoT products, says Infineon. The enhanced HMI enables advanced solutions like proximity sensing with improved detection range, gesture detection and directivity, along with hover detection for tomorrow’s advanced touchscreens.

With ten times better performance and a tenth of the power consumption of previous generations, Infineon says the new CAPSENSE technology allows designers to develop more intuitive user interfaces, while significantly reducing overall power consumption to meet the demands of battery-powered IoT devices.

The latest CAPSENSE generation is well suited for home appliance and industrial applications including smart door locks, smart switches, thermostats, smart speakers, power tools, industrial touchscreens and other IoT devices. The new technology is also ideal for applications with larger touchscreens in industrial and home appliance products including induction cooktops, washer and dryers, refrigerators, ovens and more.

Infineon’s proprietary CAPSENSE technology empowers designers to develop more advanced HMIs on tomorrow’s devices with various touch sensing user interface requirements. With the ultra-low power capabilities and the ability to fit in smaller form factors, this technology is also ideal for touch interfaces on wearables, hearables and smart IoT applications. The new CAPSENSE technology enables advanced HMI solutions like proximity sensing with improved detection range, gesture detection and directivity. A new, autonomous sensing mode, enables operation without a CPU reducing power consumption and a new ratiometric sensing architecture and differential signal path improves noise immunity and performance.

With Infineon’s CAPSENSE capacitive touch sensor interface, a user’s finger on the interface forms an electrical connection with embedded sensors. The sensors work with the PSoC device to translate data about the finger’s position into various system control functions. A single PSoC device can replace dozens of mechanical switches and controls with simple, touch-sensitive controls. CAPSENSE-based “button” and slider controls are more reliable than their mechanical counterparts because they are not prone to the environmental wear-and-tear that affects exposed buttons and switches.

Infineon’s fifth generation CAPSENSE capacitive sensing HMI technology embedded in PSoC 4 devices is available to lead customers today including support in ModusToolbox.

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PSoC MCUs Get 5th Gen Capacitive Sense Tech

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