Portwell Unleashes New Industrial Computing Solutions with Intel Atom® x7000RE Series

portwell Intel Atom®x7000RE
Written by Kirsten Campbell

Portwell, a world-leading provider of industrial computing solutions announced the launch of an extensive lineup of cutting-edge motherboards, computer modules, and  embedded systems powered by the latest Intel Atom®x7000RE Series processors. This comprehensive rollout  exemplifies Portwell’s commitment to delivering robust, high-performance computing platforms that empower  customers across diverse industrial sectors to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge. Leveraging Intel’s  groundbreaking architecture, Portwell’s new product family offers unparalleled processing capabilities, seamless  integration, and unwavering reliability to meet the most demanding requirements of modern industrial  applications.

Upgraded Processor Empowering Industry, Communication and Edge Computing 

Intel Atom®x7000RE Series processors offer a compelling proposition for industrial, communication, and edge  computing applications. Extending the cutting-edge features of the previous generation, these processors bring  enhanced performance scalability with up to 8 Gracemont cores at low power consumption, improved CPU and  GPU capabilities, and AI inference acceleration with AVX2 and VNNI support. Intel Atom®x7000RE Series caters to industrial use cases with extended temperature ranges, predictable performance, real-time capabilities through  Intel TCC and TSN, and integrated GPU for AI and media processing. This series offers a robust and versatile platform  for driving innovation across diverse industrial sectors, enabling customers to tackle demanding workloads with  superior performance, reliability, and efficiency. 

Versatile Solution Lineup with Cutting-Edge and Trusted Design 

NANO-6064-ASL: Nano-ITX Industrial Embedded Board 

Portwell NANO-6064-ASL delivers upgraded performance and reliability for industrial applications. Featuring  extensive connectivity options supporting M.2, microSD, SATA III, TPM, triple display support including HDMI,  DisplayPort, and LVDS, and robust design with ESD protection 6K contact/15K air rating ESD, it thrives in harsh  environments. With an extended temperature range -40~85°C, NANO-6064-ASL excels in mission-critical  applications such as medical control systems, planning station, imaging and analysis systems, industrial automation  and robotics, ensuring optimal operation under extreme conditions. 

PCOM-B646: COM Express Type 6 Module 

The PCOM-B646 is a COM Express Revision 3.1 Type 6 module designed to meet the needs of most Type 6 users  through carefully allocated I/O. It provides a good upgrade path for existing customers who have been using Intel  Atom based compact form factor modules. Keeping up with the trend of edge computing, the PCOM-B646 features  a low-power Atom platform and wide temperature support, making it suitable for outdoor deployment.  Additionally, the addition of CAN bus functionality extends its applicability to fields such as automotive, medical,  and machine control that require CAN bus integration. With excellent watt-per-performance ratio and wide  temperature adaptability, the PCOM-B646 can be used to upgrade existing compact fanless BOX PCs, making it an  ideal solution for automation, healthcare, and transportation verticals, driving innovation across various industrial  markets. 

PCOM-BA03GL: COM Express Type 10 Module 

PCOM-BA03GL COM Express Type 10 module delivers high-performance computing tailored for various  applications. Featuring up to 16GB of on-board LPDDR5 SDRAM and 32GB of eMMC storage, it ensures ample  memory and storage capacities. With low power consumption ranging 6~12W and support for 4K display resolution,  it strikes an ideal balance between efficiency and high-quality visuals. Moreover, its wide temperature support – 40~85°C on select SKUs enables reliable operation in harsh environments, making it well-suited for military and  industrial deployments. This compact yet powerful module empowers businesses with robust computing  capabilities, making it an ideal choice for demanding IoT, military, and industrial use cases. 

WEBS-21J0-ASL: Rugged and Fanless Embedded System 

WEBS-21J0-ASL is purpose-built for industrial applications featuring rugged design that thrives in harsh  environments. Its wide temperature support from -20°C to 60°C and fanless construction ensure reliable operation  in demanding conditions. With a rich array of I/O interfaces, WEBS-21J0-ASL seamlessly integrates into diverse  operational environments. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, this compact yet powerful box PC  streamlines deployment and serviceability. Tailored for factory automation, process control in production lines, and 

European Portwell Technology PR-04/2024 

IoT gateway applications, the WEBS-21J0-ASL delivers robust computing capabilities and durability, making it an  ideal choice for industrial automation and edge computing solutions. 

Portwell’s new product series taps into over 30 years of trusted expertise in industrial embedded computing. The  company offers comprehensive support, from design assistance to production and certification processes. Portwell  demonstrates commitment by providing roadmaps for next-gen upgrades and new projects. With deep industry  experience and a customer-centric approach, Portwell empowers businesses across sectors with reliable, high performance computing innovations. 

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