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PCIe/104 OneBank SBC Provides TPM-2.0 Security

WINSYSTEMS has announced its latest PCIe/104 OneBank single SBC, which enables cybersecurity and root-of-trust functionality through its onboard hardware Trusted Platform Module (TPM-2.0-compliant) security device. The PX1-C441 also offers improved memory access via its soldered LPDDR4 RAM—up to 8GB—and delivers better thermal performance at extended temperatures.

The PX1-C441 provides secure and trusted data and outstanding performance, says the company. With its discrete onboard TPM-2.0 hardware, product designers are not limited to firmware-based TPM implementation or forced to add thermal cooling devices to their RAM. This eliminates the mechanical and mounting issues associated with using an external approach. Further, the lower-power, soldered RAM increases the board’s shock and vibration performance. WINSYSTEMS’ small-form-factor secure compute engine can be used with new or existing PCIe/104 Type 2 and OneBank-compatible I/O modules, such as its PX1-I416 and PX1-I440.

The PX1-C441 SBC with improved cyber security hardware is based on the powerful Intel Atom E3900 processor, available as dual- or quad-core. It features Intel Time-Coordinated Computing Tools for latency-sensitive real-time applications and IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP). And, it supports an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

This super-secured embedded system provides support for multiple displays and input/output channels. These include dual Ethernet, one USB 3.2 Gen. 1 type C and eight USB 2.0, 24 GPIO with Event Sense, four serial ports and one serial console port with dedicated RS232 transceiver. Expansion options consist of PCIe/104 OneBank and an M.2 expansion socket. You also get the new power button and reset header.


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PCIe/104 OneBank SBC Provides TPM-2.0 Security

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