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Patton’s Latest SmartNode Analog Gateway is Enterprise VoIP Access up to 128 Ports

Written by Online Staff

Patton’s latest SmartNode Analog Gateway is enterprise VoIP access up to 128 ports. Patton’s SN4740 VoIP gateway provides 16 to 128 analog FXS interfaces to connect devices in an ALL-IP-based Unified Communications system.

The SmartNode family supports every industry-standard codec for delivering toll-quality voice on every call, and the SN4740 is no exception. The system utilizes Patton Cloud’s call Quality Assessment and Monitoring functions and email and SMS notifications.

According to the company, the gateways also ensure meeting Service Level Agreements at the customer premise without effort. That helps in preventing call quality-related problems, as well as reduces time resolving issues by utilizing remote access functions of Patton Cloud.

There is also VoIP-over_VPN voice encryption that provides secure voice and data via IPsec** or OpenVPN** in addition to SIP/TLS** and SRTP**.

Additionally, the advanced call-router functionality includes least-cost call routing with flexible dialed-number plan support. There is a SmartNode survivability suite that provides SIP Trunk and PSTN fallback. This ensures business continuity in case the IP network fails.

To find out more about the new Patton SN4740 VoIP Gateways see the product page here.

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Patton’s Latest SmartNode Analog Gateway is Enterprise VoIP…

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