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Partnership Between Variscite and Deliver a Secure Embedded IoT Platform, Helping Millions of Developers

Written by Stephen Vicinanza a cloud-native development and development solutions company, in the secure internet of things (IoT) and Edge devices sector, announced its partnership with Variscite. The partnership is designed to simplify the deployment and development, as well as management of secure IoT and Edge products. These would find a home on Variscite’s System on Module and Computer on Module, based on NXP Semiconductor’s i.MX processors.

Variscite is a leader in the ARM-based SoM sector, as a vendor selling more than 2 million units per year.  The company supports more than 6,000 customers worldwide for more than 18 years.

In March 2022, in a joint webinar, the companies demonstrated the complete end-to-end solution, focused on the lifecycle of the products and their capabilities. OEMs could see for themselves the development of embedded devices using the Variscite VAR-SOM-MX8M-MINI SoM. The demonstration used the FoundriesFactory software platform for ease of system integration.

“We are happy to collaborate with The access to the FoundriesFactory platform can facilitate our customers to develop, deploy, manage and update secure IoT and edge devices, enabling them to accelerate time to market while reducing engineering and maintenance costs,” said Ofer Austerlitz, VP of Business Development and Sales of Variscite.

The IoT market, some predict, will grow to over $1.1 trillion by 2028, from its $216 Billion platform today. That kind of growth will need adjustments and developments in Linux-based devices, building and maintaining them with security and resource efficiency as a priority.  FoundriesFactoiry addresses the challenges with a cloud platform that is will both simplify and reduce development costs as well as deployment and maintenance of secure IoT and Edge Linux-based devices.

One of the main improvements is the acceleration of product firmware, operating systems, and application development. The time to market is shortened and the FoundriesFactory provides an ability to monitor and update devices and fleets, to maintain security over the lifetime of the product.

“With the nature of embedded development changing and FoundriesFactory delivering a common, easy way for developers to move quickly and to maintain devices for their entire lifetimes, right from the cloud, the Foundries is excited to provide the opportunity to include millions of developers worldwide” That was the feeling of George Grey, CEO of

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Partnership Between Variscite and Deliver a Secure E…

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