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Particle Boron is a Powerful Cellular Dev Kit

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Particle Boron is a powerful cellular dev kit. The Particle Boron is a development kit for designing and developing 2G/3G or LTE CAT M1 and Bluetooth systems.

The Boron is equipped with a Nordic nRF52840 and u-blox SARA U201 (2G/3G) or a R410M/R510S LTE CAT M1 module. The system has built-in battery charging circuitry, allowing for easier connection to a Li-Po battery and 20 mixed signal GPIOs to interface with sensors, actuators or many other types of electronics.

The Boron is best suited to work with the Particle Device Cloud, or as an IoT gateway to connect an entire group of of local endpoints, where Wi-Fi is not available or unreliable.

The main hardware specifications include:

  • Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 SoC
    • Arm Cortex-M4F 32-bit processor upto 64MHz
  • Bluetooth LE (BLE) central and peripheral support
    • 1 MB Flash
    • 256KB RAM
      • Supports DSP Instruction, Hardware Accellerated Flowting Point Unit (FPU)
    • Encryption functions
    • 20 Mixed Signal GPIO
      • 6x Analog
      • 8x PWM
    • UART, I2C, SPI
    • NFC-A radio
    • Up to +8 dBm TX Power

U-blox SARA cellular modem

  • LTE CAT M1 module
  • Global Hardware support (MVNO support for US, Canada, and Mexico only)
  • 2G/3G support world wide
  • Carrier list is available

General Specification

  • Additional 4MB SPI flash on-board
  • Integrated Li-Po charging and connector for battery
  • JTAG (SWD) connector
  • Status LED (RGB)
  • Feather specification compliance for form and pin out
  • Reset and Mode switches
  • Dual SIM support: Nano 4FF (Unpopulated) MFF2
  • Micro USB 2.0 12 Mbps
  • U.FL connector for an external antenna
  • Lead free RoHs compliant

To find out more about the Particle Boron, see the product page here.

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Particle Boron is a Powerful Cellular Dev Kit

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min