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Particle Announces New Tracking System to Support IoT in Transportation, Cold Chain and Micromobility

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Particle is enhancing an already stellar lineup of Internet of Things (IoT) Platform as a Service (PaaS) to add to the edge-to-the-cloud services. It announced in April 2022 an all-new Tracking System to provide organizations with the ability to track the locations of a wide variety of mobile assets with configurable, extensible, and field-ready solutions.

In its latest study, the company is set to report on a survey of over 1000 IoT engineers and industry experts, revealing Asset Tracking ranks as one of the top three in-demand applications for IoT Technology.

The Asset Tracking system is built on the company’s Particle platform, which spans integrated IoT hardware, connectivity, cloud-based management software, and edge software. This enables the user to track the real-time location of critical assets and also to record additional information via sensor data. This includes temperature and acceleration as well as remotely controlling vehicles and equipment.

Asset Tracking operations are essential for both emerging and established industries, including logistics and supply chain, cold chain operations, micromobility organizations like connected eBike and eScooter vendors, and transportation and high-value capital asset tracking and monitoring.

Most conventional asset tracking and telematics tools have focused on the basic use cases, such as collecting location data of critical assets. The next-generation ability of IoT-powered technologies allow organizations to build sophisticated solutions that can pinpoint industry-specific use cases, such as cold chain for specific pharmaceuticals.

Some of those use cases that would benefit from advanced IoT Asset Tracking systems:

  • Transportations and logistics managers could utilize real-time data for a comprehensive management program of the fleets of vehicles, to monitor goods in transit and identify where cost savings, energy, and resources can be quantified.
  • Cold chain logistics providers need to ensure the quality and compliance of goods both at rest and in transit. The goods can range from food and beverages stocks to pharmaceuticals and chemicals.
  • Manufacturers and distributors of equipment and machines, across many industries from construction to heavy equipment rental companies, must be able to track the location of equipment and high-value capital assets. This maximizes utilization, prevents theft and loss, and monitors inventory.
  • Micromobility providers require basic capabilities to track eScooters and eBikes by location data. They also need to be able to remotely update the device, to keep up with improvements to their products. Additionally, to address the evolving compliance standards and monitor operational status. This can be something as simple as knowing when a parked scooter has its headlight left on but can have a real impact in not having to replace a battery pack.

To explore further the capabilities of Particle’s new Asset Tracking system, see the announcement on PRNewswire.

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Particle Announces New Tracking System to Support IoT in Transpor…

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