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Onsemi Launches Top-Cool MOSFETs That Could be Innovative

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

onsemi launched a top-cool MOSFET that could be an innovation to other MOSFETs. These new MOSFET devices were announced just in November 2022, featuring a new top-side cooling to assist designers who are tackling those challenging automotive applications.

The focus for these MOSFETs is on motor control and DC-DC conversion. The company is showing new devices at electronica, this year.

The MOSFETs are housed in a TCPAK57 package measuring 5mm x 7mm, the latest Top Cool devices feature a thermal pad on the topside, measuring 16.5mm(2). This allows for direct heat dissipation directly into the heatsink rather than into the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This enables both sides of the PCB and decreases the amount of heat going into it and the TCPAK57 allows for increased power density.

Top Cool method of dissipating heat compared to the conventional method.

There is an overall extension of the system lifetime with the improved reliability of the new design.

“Cooling is one of the greatest challenges in high power design and successfully addressing it is the key enabler to reducing size and weight, which is critical in modern automotive design,” said Fabio Necco, vice president and general manager, of Automotive Power Solutions at onsemi. “With excellent electrical efficiency and having eliminated the PCB from the thermal path, the design is significantly simplified while reducing size and cost.”

The delivery of higher electrical efficiency these devices deliver makes them ideal for high-power applications, with RDS(ON) values down around 1mΩ. The R(DS) x Qg is low (65nC) reducing losses in the high-speed switching applications

This solution can leverage onsemi’s expertise in packaging and also provide high power density setting an industry standard. The initial portfolio for TCPAK57 includes 80V, 60V, and 40V devices. The set of devices are capable of operating at junction temperatures of 175℃ and are AEC-Q101 qualified and PPAP capable.

Along with the gull wings, this allows for the inspection of solder joints and superior board-level reliability. That makes the MOSFETs ideal suited for the more demanding increased heat of automotive applications. This would be especially true in target applications of high and medium level power motor control. Some of the use cases would be electric power steering and oil pumps.

The full scale of manufacture is planned for January 2023, and more information on the TCPAK57 and the Single N-Channel Power MOSFETs can be found here.

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Onsemi Launches Top-Cool MOSFETs That Could be Innovative

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min