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onsemi Collaborates With emotion3D On Innovative Monitoring Systems For Drivers And Occupants In Electric Vehicles.

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Onsemi’s AR0820AT image sensor and the emotion3D’s CABIN EYE AI software stack, bring a new level of driver and occupant monitoring to automotive technology. Combining driver and occupant monitoring into one camera, enable multiple safety capabilities and a level up in user experience.

This allows automotive OEMs to deploy low-cost, high-performance, next-generation in-cabin imaging that makes driving safer and more enjoyable.

Using the onsemi AR0820AT 8.3 MP image sensor, this new driver and occupant monitoring system (DOMS) solution replaces the single-task driver monitoring mono/IR camera. It also enables multiple use cases for safety and convenience by employing a single color/IR camera.

The AR0820AT image sensor has a dynamic range that handles challenging lighting scenarios and high sensitivity enhances performance in extremely low light conditions. This is completely applicable to the lighting conditions in the cabin of an autonomous automobile. The high-resolution camera also camera enables utilizing a wider field of view, for comprehensive analysis in the in-cabin space. This offers Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs a wider range of use cases.

Features of the AR0820AT 8.3 MP CMOS Digital Image Sensor

  • High performance 2.1 µm Automotive Grade Backside Illuminated (BSI) Pixel with DR-Pix Technology
  • Line Interleaved T1/T2?T3?T4 output
  • Fast Full Resolution Video Capture of 3840 x 2160 at up to 40 fps in 3- exposure HDR and 30 fps in 4-exposure HDR
  • Sensor fault detection for ASIL-B Compliance support
  • 2x2in-pixel Binning Mode and Color Binning Mode
  • 1.8 Gbps/lane, 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 Data Interface
  • Advanced On-Sensor HDR Reconstruct with Flexible Exposure Ratio Control
  • Multi-Camera Synchronization  Support
  • Multiple CFA options including RGB and RCCC, RCCB
  • Frame to Frame Switching among up to 4 contexts to enable multi-function systems
  • Selectable automatic or user, controlled black level control
  • Pb-Free device


  • Front view camera (ADAS)
  • Autonomous Driving (AD)

Product Overview

The link to request the datasheet for the onsemi AR0820AT CMOS Image Sensor. Digital 8.3 MP, ½ inch, High-resolution can be found here or on the onsemi website.

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onsemi Collaborates With emotion3D On Innovative Monitoring Syste…

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