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OnLogic Releases the IGN800 Industrial Gateway Based on Raspberry Pi

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

About a month ago, OnLogic released the IGN800 Industrial Raspberry Pi Edge Gateway device for collecting, processing, and displaying industrial automation data. The IGN800 is certified for and comes preloaded with the Ignition Edge software from SCADA specialists, Inductive Automation.

The IGN800 is based on OnLogic’s Factor 201, an industrial Raspberry Pi computer powered by the Compute Module 4 (CM4). The system combines OnLogic’s industrial-grade carrier board and the CM4, as well as fanless cooling technology. This creates a unique, compact, ARM-powered Ignition Edge solution capable of processing 20,000 real-time tags.

“Data has become the currency of the realm when it comes to effective and efficient process and production automation. The IGN800 provides a cost-effective solution for automation projects, allowing users to collect and operationalize their data right at the far edge where it is generated. In the same way that Inductive Automation created a Maker Edition of their software to enable even more users, including hobbyists, to leverage the power of Ignition, we think the IGN800 can help the passionate Raspberry Pi community take their ideas from prototype to deployment.” Said Mike Walsh, Senior Product Manager at OnLogic.

Ignition by Inductive Automation is an HMI, SCADA, MES, and IIoT software platform that enables users to consolidate differentiated systems into one customizable dashboard. The dashboard allows users to view and control facilities, grids, and entire municipal infrastructure onsite, or remotely. As part of the Ignition Onboard program, OnLogic works directly with Inductive Automation to certify hardware solutions. They also offer Ignition Edge software licenses directly in order to make deployment a simpler task.

In addition to the IGN800, there is also the IGN610 and IGN210, added to the Ignition Edge Gateway line. In essence, the IGN610 is a palm-sized device, capable of processing up to 66,573 real-time tags. The IGN210 is a rugged system that provides further environmental resistance and can process up to 192,380 real-time tags. These two systems run Intel processors and have fanless and ventless cooling technology that is designed to be installed in harsh, constrained, or challenged industrial settings.

For more information on these and other Ignition Edge Gateways see the product portfolio on OnLogic’s website.

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OnLogic Releases the IGN800 Industrial Gateway Based on Raspberry…

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