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Olimex Ships SoM and Eval Board Based on STM32MP1

Written by Jeff Child

Bulgaria-based Olimex, best known for its open spec OLinuXino SBCs, has announced the availability of its first boards based on STMicroelectonics’ STM32MP1 dual-core Arm Cortex-A7/M4 SoC. The STMP15X-SOM is a system-on-module (SoM) offered in variety of STM32MP1 SoC flavors and temperature ranges. The STMP1(A13)-EVB is an evaluation board that acts as a carrier for the STM15X-SOM and Olimex’s Allwinner A13 SoM.

STMP15X-SOM (left) and STMP1(A13)-EVB
(click images to enlarge)

Our most recent open spec SBC catalog (January 2021) includes four of Olimex’s OlinuXino SBCs, all based on various generations of Allwinner processors, including the A64-OlinuXino based on the Allwinner A64. Olimex has even produced an open spec laptop kit based the Allwinner A64. But these new boards are Olimex’s first products based on ST’s STM32MP1 SoC.

Both boards run Linux mainline Kernel and Uboot, however the company recommends using its free open-source Olimage Linux. Olimage Linux images are provided by and maintained by Olimex. As noted by the CNXSoft post that alerted us to this news, Olimex has developed some Linux 5.10 based Debian Buster and Ubuntu Focal images that are now available for the STMP15X-SOM module.

Throughout 2020, we’ve seen a mix of modules and SBCs based on the STMicro STM32MP1. These include Exor Embedded’s NanoSOM nS02 module, Ka-Ro Electronics’ QSMP module, Shiratech’s Stinger96 SBC and Octavo’s OSD32MP15x SiP module.


The 61 x 30.5mm STMP15X-SOM is available with either the 153 or 157 models of the STM32MP151, with the product names STMP151-SOM, STMP153-SOM and STMP157-SOM respectively. The STM32MP151 is a single-core Cortex-A7 Arm device running at 650MHz. The STM32MP153 is a dual-core 650MHz Cortex-A7 SoC, and the STM32MP157 is a dual-core Cortex-A7 Arm running at 650MHz/800MHz. They all include a Cortex-M4 running at 209MHz.

The STMP151-SOM version is offered in a commercial grade (0 to 70°C) board with 256MB of DDR3L RAM, as well as an industrial grade, -40 to 85°C model with 512MB of DDR3L RAM. The STMP153-SOM is an industrial gradem -40 to 85°C module with 512MB of DDR3L RAM. Finally, the STMP157-SOM comes with 512MB of DDR3L and can be purchased in either extended temp. grade (-20 to 85°C) or industrial grade (-40 to 85°C) versions.

STMP15X-SOM detail views, showing top (left) and bottom
(Click images to enlarge)

Common features in all STMP15X-SOM versions include microSD slot, audio CODEC, PMIC with AXP209 Power Management Unit (PMU) with Li-Po charger, Li-Po battery connector, and serial debug support. The Li-Po battery acts like a UPS and keeps the SoC, memory and PMU powered during 5V power failures, protecting the SD card and allowing safe power off if needed, says Olimex. Other features include 5V DC power, reset button, power/charge LEDs and boot select.

The STMP15X-SOM modules provide a variety of board-to-board connectors. An RGB/LCD, 40-pin connector is compatible with LCD-OLinuXino displays. Its GPIO-1 40-pin connector has 39 GPIOs, 3x UARTs, 1x QuadSPI, 2x I2C, and 2x eMMC. The GPIO-2 is a 10-pin connector that supports USB host, USB OTG, audio mic, audio HP, and ADC. And the GPIO-3 is a 10-pin connector for USB-OTG and SPI.


The STMP1(A13)-EVB evaluation board requires a SoM as its computing core. It supports Olimex’s A13-SOM, STMP151-SOM, STMP153-SOM, and STMP157-SOM boards. The A13-SOM shares the same pinout with the STMP15X-SOM. The SoMs attach to the eval board via 1.27mm pitch connectors. In contrast to the STMP15X-SOM, the STMP1(A13)-EVB is only available in 0-70°C temperature grades.

STMP1(A13)-EVB detail view
(Click image to enlarge)

For storage, the STMP1(A13)-EVB has a flash module connector for SPI, eMMC, or NAND flash. Displays are interfaced using a 40-pin, 1.27 mm pitch connector for LCD-OLinuXino display. 3.5mm audio jacks are provided for a microphone and headphone each. Networking support includes a 10/100M Ethernet RJ45 connector and WiFi/Bluetooth module with PCB antenna and option for external antenna. A UEXT connector and GPIO connector enable expansion. Other features include 2x USB 2.0 host ports, 1x micro USB 2.0 OTG port, and a 5V DC power supply connector.

Further information

The STMP15X-SOM is available for purchase at the module’s product/shopping page at pricing starting at 30 Euros ($36). The STMP1(A13)-EVB can be bought from its product/shopping page for 18 Euros ($22). In true open-spec spirit, PDFs of the board’s schematics and KiCAD files can be found on those pages. More information can be found on Olimex’s announcement page.

This article originally appeared on on June 23, 2021.

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Olimex Ships SoM and Eval Board Based on STM32MP1

by Jeff Child time to read: 3 min