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OKdo Launches the Rock 5A SBC with RS as a Nex-Gen Offering

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

OKdo launches the Rock 5A SBC with RS as a Nex-Gen offering. The February release of the Rock 5A sees the company jumping right on discounts right out the gate. The Rock 5A Single Board Computer (SBC), is meant to be an easy-to-use, as well as a powerful and versatile addition to a project.

The running of a discount on the SBCs limited to the first 5000 units purchased, has some calculation behind it. The SBC industry is crowded now, with Raspberry Pi leading a march toward the average tech enthusiast. This board is meant to attract the volume buyer, who is building a device of some type and using the board for resale.

In the press release, the company is clearly putting its best foot forward, with a telling array of functional features, that the crowded market often needs. The standard SBC form factor for the industry, is 8k output, an octa-core processor, and an AI accelerator.

The Rock 5A does employ a vital function of the Rock 5B its predecessor fitting it to the form factor of SBC typical to the industry, but there are also Operating System highlights. The Rock 5A can run Linux v5.10 kernel, which supports Debian, Ubuntu, Armbain, RebornOS, Android 12 and later, and openFyde OS.

OKdo provides the software for download at their website, and the company recommends the support of the DesignSpark community, which has 1.5 million members.

“We are excited to introduce the next generation of low-cost, high-performance, and compact credit card-sized ROCK 5A single-board computers in global collaboration with OKdo. We believe the ROCK 5A already has entry-level desktop PC performance without worrying about power consumption and heating issues. We can’t wait to see the community and developers make amazing applications based on the ROCK 5A SBC,” said Tom Tang, President of VamRS Technology.

“Since the launch of OKdo’s family of ROCK boards, the market has been responding very well in a variety of verticals including consumer, industrial and agriculture segments. I am thrilled to add yet another member to the ROCK family and anticipate fast adoption with new and existing customers. The ROCK 5A is the perfect blend of power, versatility and affordability,” said Richard Curtin, Co-Founder and CTO of OKdo.

Pricing for the first 5,000 units is as follows

  • 4GB – Market $99.00, special introductory rate $74
  • 8GB – Market $119, special introductory rate $94
  • 16GB – Market $159, special introductory rate $134

The Rock 5B is in stock now and can be purchased at the standard rates, from Okdo, or RS

For further information on the Rock, 5A SBC see the OKdo website product page here.

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OKdo Launches the Rock 5A SBC with RS as a Nex-Gen Offering

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min