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NXP Debuts Today, The MCX Family of Microcontrollers Reach A New Era In The Smart World With The Neural Processing Unit (NPU)

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

NXP Semiconductors announced today, the debut of the new MCX family of microcontrollers, designed with smart homes, smart factories, smart cities, and across the ever-expanding landscape of industrial and IoT edge applications.

The MCX portfolio is offering a comprehensive selection of Arm Cortex-M based MCUs. The portfolio has expanded scalability, breakthrough product capabilities, simplified system design, and a developer-focused experience through the well-known and widely used MCUXpresso suite of tools and software.

The portfolio included four series of devices built around a common platform, fully supported by utilizing the MCUXpresso suite of development tools and software. The combination of devices, tools, and software will allow developers to maximize software reuse across the portfolio to increase development speed. The MCX family of devices also showcases the extraordinary first instantiation of NXP’s new, specialized Neural Processing Unit (NPU).  The NPU accelerates inference at the edge, delivering a 30X faster machine learning throughput compared with a CPU core alone.

With a proliferation of edge devices, the dramatic changes in the MCU over the decades have developed to become the heart of today’s edge applications. The next generation of MCUs must be a new class of devices, that can balance the complex navigation of system cost and energy efficiency, the ever-changing landscape of power, performance, security, and connectivity requirements. The breadth of the MCX portfolio allows developers to select devices that best fit their application needs.

Ron Martino, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Edge Processing for NXP Semiconductors said, As we approach the milestone of 75 billion connected devices, we are entering a new era of edge computing, requiring us to fundamentally rethink how best to architect a flexible MCU portfolio. It must be scalable, optimized and the foundation for energy-efficient industrial and IoT edge applications today and for decades to come. By building our strong legacy in MCUs, this new portfolio will offer the performance and integration needed to address real-time workloads for the next wave of innovation.”

The MCX Portfolio Devices:

  • MCX N Advanced 150MHz to 250MHz
    • This series is designed for secure, intelligent applications, with families that include integrated EdgeLock’s secure subsystem, with the dedicated NPU, with a high-efficiency computer architecture for real-time inference
  • MCX A Essential 48MHz to 96MHz
    • The series is optimized to provide critical functionality covering a broad range of applications such as motor control, where cost constraints, advanced analog capabilities, like high-precision data converters, and fast time to market is the key considerations
  • MCX W Wireless
    • The wireless series offers low-power narrowband connectivity, including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The MCU is designed to simplify adding wireless connectivity to IoT devices. The energy-efficient radio helps to lengthen battery lifecycles of small connected systems
  • MCX L Ultra-Low Power
    • With this series the design was for power-critical applications. The MCX L is one of the industry’s lowest static and dynamic power consumption MCU. They extend battery life dramatically when compared to traditional MCUs.

For more information on the NXP Semiconductor MCX Series visit the Portfolio Page

The ordering, pricing, and delivery information are to be announced in a separate announcement.

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NXP Debuts Today, The MCX Family of Microcontrollers Reach A New …

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