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NXP Announces its use of Matter Standards

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 NXP made a formal announcement of its adoption of the Matter Standard, using development platforms to simplify and accelerate the standards use.

The Matter standard has found a growing support base among many companies in the IoT industry. NXP is no exception, announcing the use of new Matter-enabled development platforms to simplify and accelerate the development of smart homes and building devices.

The Matter development platforms allow designers to easily leverage the breadth of NXP’s portfolio across its ample product catalogs, such as processing, connectivity, and security solutions. This will create a variety of IoT devices ranging from complex gateways with Thread Border routers and Matter Controller abilities to battery-operated products like sensors and actuators.

With this recently announced Matter certification program and ratified standard, the smart home is on the cusp of a rapid expansion. The Matter standard was designed inside the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) by a consortium of leading industry organizations, including NXP, and has grown to more than 280 member companies. These standards bring a new era of interoperability across the IoT landscape, reducing the limitations on how devices communicate.

“Matter is the first industry standard that enables multi-device, multi-vendor and multi-ecosystem
interoperability for smart home products from major consumer electronics manufacturers. Matter
removes barriers to deploying IoT at scale while creating new opportunities for product innovation,” said Bill Curtis, Analyst in Residence for IoT and Edge at Moor Insights & Strategy. “NXP’s secure, Matter-enabled development platforms let product teams create value-added features immediately without wasting time on undifferentiated platform software.”

NXP’s Matter-enabled development platforms, shipping now, are leveraging commercially available evaluation boards and tools to ease, speed and de-risk IoT development. There are downloadable software, Guides for getting started, schematics, training videos, application notes, and the Connectivity Support community.

The platforms being offered are awaiting confirmation of Matter certification from the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). NXP is collaborating with Apple, Google and SmartThings, and also participating in the Matter Early Access programs where available, to enable products developed by NXP customers to work with these and other ecosystems.

NXP is also helping to support and explain the Matter standards to new customers, so they will be offering Matter support directly to NXP customers.

To find out more about the Matter development platforms at NXP see the Matter page at NXP’s website here.

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NXP Announces its use of Matter Standards

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min