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NXP Announces its Broadest Application of the Matter Standard for Two Devices

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

In late December, NXP announced its broadest application of the Matter standard for two devices. The two devices are Microcontrollers (MCUs), both launched at the same time. One is the tri-radio wireless MCU, the RW612, and the second is the K32W148 wireless MCU.

The RW612 has an integrated i.MX RT crossover MCU. This simplifies design for applications such as smart home devices by supporting the Matter standard. More applications in a broader field of development can be realized, including specific Matter applications. The uses of the RW612 include Matter over Wi-Fi, Matter over Thread, and Matter over the Ethernet. It is the first secure tri-radio MCU with wireless capability.

New in this expanded portfolio of MCUs, is the K32W148 MCU, which is also wireless. This MCU has advanced processing ability. This allows for scalability in smart home devices and systems, with multi-protocol enablement across, Zigbee, Matter, Bluetooth, and Thread.

These two devices come under NXP’s EdgeLock Assurance program, to offer management of keys and certificates by enabling the EdgeLock 2GO services for each MCU.

The RW612 and K32W148 MCUs are meant to simplify the design and development of IoT and Industrial IoT devices. Both MCUs have a combination of integrated security and advanced edge processing under the end-to-end Matter standard offered by NXP.

The Matter standard was launched with the help of a growing collaboration of companies, developed originally by the Connectivity Standards Alliance. The program is directed by a consortium of industry leaders, including NXP. The goal is to ease the complexities of device interoperability across the entire industry. This would allow consumers and end-users to decide on devices based on features, rather than complex connectivity requirements.

Different brands of devices and ecosystems, using the Matter standard, could securely, reliably, and seamlessly communicate, in an easy, simple method taking the complexity out of choosing a device.

The RW612 is an industry first, a tri-radio wireless MCU, with support across multiple protocols, concurrent Wi_Fi 6, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3, and 802.15.4. The target applications include IP cameras, robotic vacuums, door locks, garage door openers, thermostats and other smart home appliances.

The K32W148 MCU has a wide range of applications, such as low-power smart devices, smart lighting, and smart plugs, while offering ease of use for Thread and Zigbee to be added to home routers, bridges and hubs. There is also a reduction in development costs to the designers because the K32W148 uses a single antenna design, and multi-protocol capability.

Both the RW612 and the K32W148 are sampled for more information on each, access the product pages below.



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NXP Announces its Broadest Application of the Matter Standard for…

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