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NXP Announces a Suite of Software Designed to Give Developers more Freedom of Choice

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

NXP announces a suite of software designed to give developers more freedom of choice. NXP Semiconductors has announced the MCUXpresso suite of software to bluster their partnerships and give developers more freedom in choosing IDEs to accompany their Microcontroller choices.

The MCUXpresso works with several partners, IAR and Arm Keil, to develop the product family. The core technology includes the MCUXpresso Software Development Kit (SDK). This open-source software development kit (SDK) is designed specifically for processor and evaluation board selection.

There is an RTOS abstraction layer for networking and Cloud/OTA for Wi-Fi. Initially, the support will be for FreeRTOS. There is iPerf throughput testing IwIP and the Microsoft ADU (OTA) reference code for i.MX RT 1060 and the i.MX RT1170 with SE05x

In the RTOS systems Azure RTOS LevelX examples for the i.MX RT 10xx/11xx while using the onboard serial NOR. The AzureRTOS Module examples added for i.MX RT1xxx platforms and FreeRTOS update to LTS 2.0

There is also a MIPI DSI driver improvement and fixes for i.MX RT1170 as well as updates to multicore examples and MISRA enhancements for the i.MX RT1170.

In the MCUXpresso IDE there are many features. The IDE is an easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDE). The IDE is designed for creating, building, debugging, and optimizing applications.

The underlying tool and host OS support updates include Migration to Eclipse 2022.06, host OS support for MacOS 11/12, Ubuntu 20.04 2/22.04 LTS, and Windows 10/11.

There is now an Open CMSIS pack preview support (pack import) and a boot pin configuration and control feature.

The configuration tools v13.0 for the MCUXpresso include Zephyr support for pins tool, which generates the pin muxing configuration in the Zephyr Device tree format. There is also initial support for i.MX RT1060, LPC55S69 and FRDM-K64

The suite also includes access to IAR’s Embedded Workbench and Arm Keil IDEs for even more freedom for developers. It is a comprehensive gathering of toolsets that offers designer flexibility and ease of use across many spectrums of development. It can be applied to industrial or consumer device designs and offers a large number of examples in the demos.

Check out the product pages on NXP’s website here.

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