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Next Generation Innovation SmartingPro Portable EEG uses Bluetooth 5.0

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

M Brain Train, a research team from Serbia has developed next-generation innovation with the Smarting series of Electroencephalograph devices, that are portable, and can be used indoors, outdoors, or for hyperscanning. The applications for this range of devices are home care, outpatient, ambulatory care, experimentation in psychiatric or neuroscience research, or as a teaching tool.

Electroencephalographs are recordings of brain activity. It is a painless test where small sensors are attached to the scalp to pick up electrical signals produced by the brain. The signals are recorded by a device(computer) and read by a doctor.

The devices are mobile and reliable, with easy-to-use connections, wireless connectivity with a signal quality of 24bit resolution, and under 1µV input-referred noise. The industry challenges are quite the usual fare, for a device that had been too large to be portable and needs specialized software and hardware to work.

That is all changing with the Smarting series of portable EEG wearable devices. Gone are the long trails of wires, running all over the patient and the room. A neat, organized fitted hood-like headpiece, replaces the loose gaggle of leads and wires. Strategically located lead areas replace the contacts that needed to be placed by hand. All the wires are collected into a well-organized bunch and flow neatly into the amplifier at the back of the device.

Depending on what needs to be done, or what data is being collected, the amplifier connects through Bluetooth 5.0 to a computer, phone, or tablet. There is even a handy SD card slot. Software for all the different types of data transfer is free with the device. USB C port is also available for a direct connection to a PC and allows for charging to power up the battery that comes with the device.

There are three device levels and a headphone-type EEG device.


A full wearable device that can collect brainwave activity and record it through a small amplifier. The Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity helps reduce other devices’ interference and improves connection stability. There are artifacts to consider and the SmartingPro takes care of the specialized types of artifacts, known as jitter and delay, latency is brought down by a factor of 5. The unit streams 32 channels of raw EEG data at a sample rate of 1000Hz.

Smarting Mobi

A fully portable and stand-alone design, the Smarting Mobi is a complete EEG system completely removed from a stationary unit. It can be connected through Android, on a smartphone, through Bluetooth to the tablet, and uses a small box through which all the data travels. The Mobi can be used in real-time, outside the lab readings, that are high-quality and ready for medical grade recordings. This is a small lightweight device that is a fully functional EEG machine. Algorithms take care of the processing, and a full AI system helps with the delivery of the data in real time.

Smarting Sleep

The Smarting Sleep – is equipped with a 2000mAh Li-polymer battery for continuous nighttime recording using a local wireless connection. The battery lasts up to 15 hours of EEG data transmission. Designs based on the Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) standards. A specially designed shoulder belt keeps the device from disturbing sleep, which the Smarting Sleep does all the work, all night long.  The Sleep device is equipped with an additional ExG electrode in order to work in all professional sleep studies. The system consists of 17 EEG channels, 2 mastoid positions, 3 EMG channels, and 2 EOG channels. All data is synchronized and recorded in a single file for easy analysis.


Smartfones are on-the-go devices developed specifically for research and development. Set into headphones the Smartfones are a total of 11 semi-dry electrodes consisting of 4 around each ear, 3 central + Reference and Ground provide high-quality EEG recordings for cognitive studies. It supports auditory inputs, fully synchronized with EEG output through the Smarting Streamer software or the Smarting Android app.

To find out more about EEG devices from M Brain Train access the product page here

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Next Generation Innovation SmartingPro Portable EEG uses Bluetoot…

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