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New NeoChom Accelerator Powered by Version 4.20 of TouchGFX for STM32 Microcontrollers

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Just a few days ago, STMicroelectronics released version 4.20 of TouchGFX user-interface development software for the STM32 family of microcontrollers (MCUs). This latest update supports the new NeoChrom graphics accelerator the company has also been developing. The NeoChom accelerator is integrated into advanced MCUs such as the STM32U5 series

This new accelerator was developed from ST’s Chrom-ART Accelerator, which is able to manipulate pixels and shapes. NeoChrom allows for full-screen rotation at any angle. The interface also supports texture mapping for smooth, fluid graphics and enhanced ease of use.

Panasonic has been utilizing the TouchGFX for its well-known consumer-electronics brand, with STM32 Microcontrollers, for several years to create home appliance products.

The quality and design of the TouchGFX tools, as well as the great user experiences we have been able to implement with ST’s support, contribute to our brand awareness and experience. TouchGFX enables our engineers to be more productive,” said Wang Cong, Director, Device Solution Development Center, Panasonic Software Development Center Dalian Co. Ltd.

With the NeoChrom accelerator on-chip, the latest STM32 MCUs can elevate embedded graphics performance to such a level they compete with application processors in today’s smartphones and tablets.

In the final analysis, MCUs are easier to use, cost-effective, and power efficient. The fact is, that MCUs can be run on simple operating systems such as bare metal, Microsoft Azure ThreadX, and FreeRTOS.

TouchGFX 4.20 now lets developers everywhere unleash NeoChrom-accelerated graphics in embedded systems containing our latest and most energy-efficient STM32 MCUs,” added Ricardo de-Sa-Earp, Executive Vice President, General-Purpose Microcontroller Sub-Group, Microcontrollers and Digital ICs Group, STMicroelectronics, in a statement.

There are other important features that TouchGFX offers, including importing and exporting custom widgets.  The whole environment is comprised of TouchGFXDesigner, a graphical development tool, and X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX, embedded software, which provides all the firmware necessary to run the user interface on the target MCU.  The TouchGFX provides an end-to-end workflow when fully integrated with the STM32Cube MCU-development ecosystem and substantially increases time to market.

TouchGFX is available and free to download and use anytime, get it here

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New NeoChom Accelerator Powered by Version 4.20 of TouchGFX for S…

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