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New IC-GRA-VPX3a 3U VPX Carries an AMD Radeon E9171 GPU and Xilinx FPGA For Defense

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Interface Concept announced its new IC-GRA-VPX3a 3U VPX FPGA-based graphics card, with an AMD-Radeon E9171-based graphics processor module. The card provides a high-performance and low-power consumption Computing Card (GPGPU), with image processing, and video capture built for compute-intensive applications.

The graphics card features the AMD embedded Radeon E9171 GPU coupled with a programmable Xilinx UltraScale FPGA. It is both a powerful and versatile graphics card. The FPGA, combined with the GPU and capture module makes this graphics card extremely scalable. It offers multiple solutions in terms of video ARINC818, STANAG 3350, and 3G-SDI capture and conversion configurations.

The AMD E9171 offers the best performance-per-watt balance for embedded systems holding to thermal constraints, enabling passive cooling in many design scenarios. It has a “Polaris” architecture which brings a range of enhancements in 14nm technology microchips compared to previous generations of GPUs, with 1.2 TFLOPS compute ability, up to 5 video outputs, and 4GB video memory.

There is also a customizable mezzanine FMC card, fitted for the IC-GRA-VPX3a graphics card. The FMC card provides differential, loosely single-ended, multi-gigabit signals that can be designed based on the user’s needs. The 3U VPX graphics module supports Microsoft DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, and OpenCL 2.0 to provide a higher rendering of all graphics. The resulting transfer rates are ultra-high 8Gb/s via 8 PCIe Generation 4 lanes.

Key features of the IC-GRA-VPX3a

  • 3U VPX
  • 8x PCIe interfaces to GPU
  • 4x PCIe interfaces to FPGA
  • 2x Display Port++ video outputs
  • 3x Video output via Mezzanine module (optional)
  • Frame Grabber capable

To receive the datasheet, just signup at the website with your general email address.

The IC-GRA-VPX3a product page has a list of features including the customizable FMC module.

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New IC-GRA-VPX3a 3U VPX Carries an AMD Radeon E9171 GPU and Xilin…

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