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MyoWare 2.0 Released by SparkFun and Advancer Technologies

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

SparkFun Electronics and Advancer Technologies made a joint announcement about the release of the MyoWare 2.0 product family. This is building upon the EMG technology of the original line, MyoWare 2.0 implements a snap-together system, improving functionality. This allows users to easily snap their board and shield together for shorter build times.

This release of MyoWare 2.0 includes the newly designed Muscle Sensor board with five shields that snap into place for a solder-free experience and compact project profile. The Muscle Sensor 2.0 outputs data in three distinct modes: Raw EMG, EMG Envelope, and with the release of 2.0 the new – Rectified EMG.

“Our hope with the new MyoWare 2.0 ecosystem is to once again lower the barrier to entry for myoelectric technology,” said Brian Kaminski, Founder, and Owner of Advancer Technologies. “We’ve redesigned the whole ecosystem, so setup is a snap, eliminating the need to solder connections, which opens up this innovative technology to a broader audience.”

There are two new shields specially designed for the 2.0 release, the MyoWare Link Shield and MyoWare Arduino Shield. These shields work together to connect up to six Muscle Sensor 2.0 boards to one Arduino microcontroller.

The three other shields updated for the 2.0 release are the MyoWare LED Shield, MyoWare Cable Shield, and the MyoWare Power Shield.

“SparkFun has been carrying the MyoWare product line for nearly a decade at this point and has been one of their biggest fans the entire time. So, we are excited to partner with Advancer Technologies to manufacture and handle the sale of the MyoWare 2.0 ecosystem,” said Kirk Benell, SparkFun’s Chief Technical Officer. “By combining our resources, we’ve been able to design and create an ecosystem of EMG (electromyography) sensors and accessories that we can both be proud of.”

Muscle Sensors, SparkFun reminds us, are not used to diagnose or treat any disease, ailment, or illness.

To find out more about the MyoWare 2.0 product line and availability see the MyoWare product information page here.

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MyoWare 2.0 Released by SparkFun and Advancer Technologies

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min