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Murata’s Latest BLE Modules Claim the Lowest Power Consumption for IoT

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Murata’s latest BLE modules claim the lowest power consumption for IoT. Murata Manufacturing has launched Bluetooth LE modules that offer the lowest power consumption in the industry to date.

The Type 2EG is based on an RSL15 secure Bluetooth 5.2 microcontroller (MCU) from onsemi. The module is a fully certified, secured ultra-small Bluetooth LE product. The company is reporting the modules have the lowest power consumption in the industry.

The modules are using the latest Bluetooth 5.2 version which includes, a high transmit range, proximity, long range, and up to 10 connections at the same time. The company is targeting the IoT markets, in medical and industrial applications.

The reality is battery operated IoT devices that have wireless connectivity have made it possible for millions of remote monitoring and controlling use cases. The most functional way to have this type of system is through two key features, long battery life, and secured data communication.

Murata stands by its claim that the Type 2EG solutions deliver the lowest power consumption in the Bluetooth LE market due to the high power efficiency of the radio and built-in microprocessor.

The onboard Arm Cortex-M33 can remain in deep sleep mode while it monitors sensor interfaces. This solution also integrates Arm TrustZone and the Arm CryptoCell-312 technologies that provide root trust and data security at a high level.

“We are proud to launch this best-in-class product as it helps resolve two of the most pressing issues for those designing IoT applications – power efficiency and security,” said Jue Chang, Senior Marketing Manager at Murata. “This announcement underscores our commitment to developing the game-changing solutions that the market demands – and leveraging our trusted relationships to make that happen.”

To read further check out Murata’s Type 2EG product page here.

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Murata’s Latest BLE Modules Claim the Lowest Power Consumpt…

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