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MicroMod, a New SparkFun MCU Ecosystem Enables Rapid Prototyping

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

SparkFun has announced MicroMod a new microcontroller ecosystem that enables rapid prototyping and modular development. The series contains seven boards allowing users to explore different microcontroller abilities across many modalities.

The announcement came some time ago, and since that time, the boards are doing well. The release of the MicroMod ecosystem expanded the company’s suite of rapid prototyping tools. The development ecosystem is interchangeable and leverages the M.2 connector to link microcontroller processor boards to the carrier board and peripherals. This feature allows developers to easily swap out controllers based on a project type.

The boards cover the most popular platforms for three processor boards and four carrier boards.

Processor Boards

  • ESP32
  • Artemis
  • SAMD51

Carrier Boards

  • Data logging
  • Machine Learning
  • Input and display
  • All the Pins (ATP)

“The processor you start with is not always the one you end with – processing power, power consumption, wireless connectivity, and many more factors impact what is the most appropriate for a given project,” said Nathan Seidle, founder, and engineer at SparkFun. “MicroMod makes exploring different microcontrollers easy. For example, a user may start with the Artemis Processor Board then decide they need Wi-Fi – they just need to swap out Artemis for the ESP32 Processor Board.”

MicroMod can easily be connected to the Qwiic ecosystem with over 100 shields, LCDs, sensors, relays, and other accessories for almost limitless functionality and possibilities. All this without dropping a bit of solder.

SparkFun will be expanding the MicroMod ecosystem to include an additional processor and carrier boards, updates will be on the MicroMod ecosystem page, to see the many additions to the board lineup.

Here is the lineup

Main boards and function boards

  • Environmental Function board
  • Wi-Fi – ESP32
  • LoRa
  • DA16200 Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet
  • Single pair ethernet

Carrier Boards

  • ATP (All the pins)
  • Input and display
  • Data logging
  • Machine learning
  • Weather
  • Asset tracker
  • GNSS
  • Qwiic boards
    • Single Qwiic device
    • Double Qwiic devices

Processor Boards

  • Artemis
  • Teensy
  • ESP32
  • RP2040
  • SAMD51
  • nRF52840
  • STM32
  • Alorium Sno M2

The MicroMod ecosystem allows for other types of carrier boards, so designers and developers can use different supplies. The MicroMod DIY Carrier Kit includes five M.2 connectors, screws, and standoffs, so developers can make their own carrier boards.

To read more about the SparkFun MicroMod ecosystem for MCUs review the ecosystem page

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MicroMod, a New SparkFun MCU Ecosystem Enables Rapid Prototyping…

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