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Microchip Offers Dual Core DSCs Designed for EV Applications

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Microchip offers dual-core DSCs designed for EV applications. The dual-core Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) have two dsPIC33C DSCs on one chip. This family of DCSs is optimized for safety-critical applications that require functional compliance and security for safety.

These DCSs can be designed to run complex algorithms that would implement high-performance control, motor control, and digital power. Additionally the DCSs could run time-critical applications such as advanced sensor interfacing and control, wireless power, server power supplies, and touch control.

Key benefits:

  • Dual-core delivers high-performance power from two DCSs, on a single chip
  • Isolate safety-critical firmware and real-time operation from all other application codings
  • On-chip inter-core communication is faster
  • Eliminates the need for associated Low dropout (LDO), oscillator, and circuits
  • Project cost savings of up to 40%
  • Doesn’t need additional microcontrollers
  • Development time is reduced with parallel software development by other teams

There are three main use applications that the company is moving to the head of the line.

High-performance designs and advanced sensor interfacing.

With embedded systems, sensors are used to interact with our everyday world. They have many applications that include automotive, industrial, consumer, home appliance, medical, and many more. The dsPIC33 DSCs are used in advanced sensor interfacing applications. They offer a high-performance Central Processing Unit (CPU) and a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) engine for determining and running real-time responses, with higher level integrated analog, security, and safety.

Motor Control

There needs to be a robust solution when implementing advanced motor control. The performance of a DSP engine and peripherals of a microcontroller is necessary. The dsPIC family of Digital Signal Controllers offers specialized peripherals and key features for high-performance applications. Such as the sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) algorithm makes use of a single-cycle MAC, zero overhead looping, data saturation, or barrel shifting. This offers a great deal of high-performance speed and precision, as well as position and torque control.

Digital Power

The dsPIC series is designed to run complex algorithms in order to maximize efficiency to be used in challenging environments and varying loads. The algorithms implemented in firmware have the performance to close the loop. A fully digital power supply is fast becoming a necessity in applications that require high levels of efficiency, monitoring/reporting is mandatory to maintain maximum uptime, and transient response is critical.

The uses for these microcontrollers run from networking and telecom infrastructure equipment, renewable energy hardware, wireless power, and server applications.

There is a comprehensive listing for the dsPIC33C DSCs on the Microchip website here.

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Microchip Offers Dual Core DSCs Designed for EV Applications

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min