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Mercury 8GB DDR4 that is Radiation-Tolerant and Aimed at Space

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Mercury Systems has introduced a new radiation-tolerant version of its 8GB DDR4 memory component. They are attempting to set the bar in data-intensive processing applications in space.

The more outsized role space system play in modern society, the more processing power they need, to satisfy the need to enable more sophisticated in-space applications. This is mostly in response to the exploding volumes of data being collected and sent millions of millions back to Earth.

There are many ways in which critical data must flow, from military satellites overseeing vital national security missions. These can include some very sensitive and important functions, like missile warning systems, communications, and Earth observations.

Commercial satellites provide in-flight wi-fi connectivity, direct-to-home television and radio services, as well as asset monitoring for IoT and global infrastructure monitoring.

It is incumbent on companies as space systems become more sophisticated and complex, to meet the new requirements with capabilities to meet or exceed the necessary greater computing and processing power. The form factors for space computing components are getting smaller, and so too are the Mercury 8GB DDR4 memory components. They offer a space-saving of 75% over competitors.

“Mercury memory modules are designed to operate in the most demanding environments and are employed on critical missions in the air, land, and sea domains,” said Tom Smelker, Mercury’s Vice President and General Manager of Custom Microelectronics Solutions. “With our newest radiation-tolerant 8GB DDR4 modules, we are expanding our space product portfolio to unlock even more capability and performance for next-generation government and commercial space missions.”

Key features

  • 2.666 Mb/s data transfer speeds
  • -55℃ to 125℃ Operating temperatures
  • Form factor 13 x 20 x ≤2.36 mm
  • Enhanced board-level reliability with Eutectic solder balls
  • Quality is maintained by 100% burn-in and electrical testing
  • DMEA-trusted facility

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Mercury 8GB DDR4 that is Radiation-Tolerant and Aimed at Space

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min