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MediaTek Launches The Genio 1200 AIoT Chip And The Genio AIoT Stack Platform

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

MediaTek unveils a new Genio platform for AIoT devices, and the first chip in the Genio family, the Genio 1200, all aimed at the premium AIoT product market.

The Genio is a complete platform stack, for utilizing the AIoT systems, coming onto the market. The powerful and ultra-efficient chipsets, and open platform SDKs, along with a developer portal that houses comprehensive resources and tools.  Meant to be an all-in-one solution to help brands develop innovative consumer, enterprise, and industrial smart applications at the premium, mid-range, and entry levels, as well as accelerate time to market for devices built using the platform.

The MediaTek Genio systems give customers the hardware, software, and resources to go from concept to design to manufacturing, all in a single family of products. There is a range of Genio chips, then branded developer resources, and an open platform SDK that supports Yocto Linux.

There are also integrations for customers to easily access partner system hardware and software, as well as leverage partner networks and sales avenues. This integrated and simplified platform reduces development costs and accelerates time to market. The long-term support for operating system updates and security patches adds to the longevity of the product life cycle.

MediaTek has a robust product line that powers many popular AIoT devices on the market. There are a number of aspects to the MediaTek Genio family of products.

Open Platform AIoT SDK

The Genio open platform AIoT SDK allows designers to customize multiple products utilizing the same software package, supported by Yocto Linux. The layers of each software application streamline writing and coding, allowing customers to develop their products with minimal support – regardless of application type.

High-performance Chipsets

MediaTek Genio chipsets are fast multicore performers, with ultra-high power efficiency, which optimizes the user experience for compute-intensive AI applications. The CPU, GPU, and AI Processing Unit (APU) work in concert and complement each other to enhance intelligent autonomous capabilities at the edge, as well as support high-quality cameras, displays, and sensor arrays.  The chipsets offer support for the latest Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth protocols to deliver seamless connectivity.

The Genio series include entry-level, mid-level, and premium level SoCs, and modules, that can address many different market needs.

  • Genio 130 for thin-OS and cloud-supported voice devices, that require audio and microphone orientated platforms.
  • Genio 350 for hubs in portable and home-orientated platforms, that don’t require as much vision but need voice edge processing.
  • Genio 500 would be a good choice for retail and commercial IoT applications. It offers high-performance edge processing and advanced multimedia capabilities.

Genio 1200

  • The genio 1200 is designed for premium AIoT applications for best-in-class performance, the latest multimedia standards, the 4K displays, a 4.8 TOPs AI accelerator, and ultra-high power efficiency.
  • With an octa-core CPU, five-core GPU, dual-core AI processor, and advanced multimedia engines, the applications that the Genio 1200 could be used for include
    • Advanced smart home appliance
    • Industrial IoT
    • High intensity embedded devices
    • The Genio 1200 can receive and process ultra-high-definition display and camera inputs from a range of computer vision (CV) applications.

MediaTek reports that the Genio family of hardware and software will be available starting H2 of 2022. Further information and the MediaTek Genio portal can be found at the links below.

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MediaTek Launches The Genio 1200 AIoT Chip And The Genio AIoT Sta…

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