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MCU Family Adds Full Speed USB-C, CAN FD and More

STMicroelectronics has expanded the STM32G0 Arm Cortex-M0+ MCU series with more product variants and features such as dual-bank flash, support for CAN FD and crystal-less USB Full-Speed data/host support.

For budget-conscious applications, the new STM32G050 Value Line and mainstream STM32G051 and STM32G061 MCUs add rich analog features and up to 18KB of RAM, with competitively priced package options up to 48-pins, says ST. In addition, the STM32G0B0 Value Line, STM32G0B1 and STM32G0C1 MCUs introduce new features to the STM32G0 series by integrating a USB 2.0 device/host controller and dual-bank flash memory. The STM32G0B1 and STM32G0C1 feature ST’s FDCAN peripheral.

With the new variants that combine a USB2.0 Full Speed crystal-less data interface supporting Device and Host modes, and a USB-C Power Delivery controller, STM32G0 allows customers to develop innovative use-cases leveraging dual-role capability to extend the interoperability of new USB-C devices. Now that USB Dual Role is replacing USB On-The-Go (OTG), STM32G0 can easily change between device and host roles and change between power source and power sink with a simple USB Power Delivery command. The FDCAN block provides two CAN 2.0 interfaces and supports CAN FD to help integrate innovative functionality in industrial systems and automotive diagnostics, says the company.

For development, the NUCLEO-G0B1RE board and STM32G0C1E-EV evaluation board are available to jump-start new projects whereas the STM32CubeG0 software package provides the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), Low-Layer (LL) APIs, and middleware components.

With these latest additions, the STM32G0 series now covers package options from 8- to 100-pins, flash density from 16KB to 512KB, and generous program-data RAM up to 144KB. Flexible run and static modes ensure low power consumption, up to the maximum operating frequency of 64MHz. The high-accuracy internal clock is extremely stable over temperature, and there is a precision timer with resolution proportional to twice the CPU frequency. STM32G0 MCUs have high noise immunity and are available in various temperature ratings up to 125°C.

Cyber-security features provide state-of-the-art protection for consumer, appliance, and industrial applications, including secure boot and firmware update (SB/SFU), Proprietary Code Read-Out Protection (PCROP) to protect manufacturers’ IP, and a Memory Protection Unit (MPU) to assist task partitioning. Variants with accelerated AES-256 hardware encryption are also available.

The new STM32G0 devices are in production now, priced from $0.47 for the STM32G050F6P6 Value Line in TSSOP20 with 32KB flash. The STM32G0B product line begins at $1.21 for the STM32G0B0KET6 in LQFP32 with 512KB flash for orders of 10,000 pieces. The NUCLEO-G0B1RE Nucleo-64 board is $10.32 and the STM32G0C1E-EV is $304.00.

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MCU Family Adds Full Speed USB-C, CAN FD and More

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