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Marvell Launches a 200Gbps Lambda Optical DSP

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Marbvell launches a 200Gbps lambda optical DSP. In a first in the industry, the Marvell Nova 1.6tbps PAM4 electro-optics platform is powered by a 200 Gbps optical DSP.

The system is geared toward high-speed data movement in cloud artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and data center networks. The core of emerging generative AI applications are AI clusters, made up of thousands of supercomputers all interconnected. The interconnection is run by ultra-high bandwidth and low-latency optical connections.

The 200 Gbps optical DSP allows the Nova system to double the optical bandwidth to enable 1.6 Tbps pluggable modules for scaling AI clusters. The system provides the necessary advanced technology to release data center network bottlenecks.

Nove performs this way through a multi-source pluggable optics ecosystem, as the industry transitions to a 51.2 Tbps networking architecture.

Cloud operators on the data center side must constantly expand capacity to satisfy the voracious need of clients for more bandwidth. The rapid deployment of AI applications has helped the need for bandwidth grow to an astounding 50% per year.

The Nova PAM-4-based optical modules are seen to double networking bandwidth and reduce power and costs per bit by 30%. The doubling per lambda allows the Nova modules to reduce how many lasers are necessary as well as related optical components by 50%. The company expects the modules to be twice as reliable as the current competition.

“Marvell’s Nova platform is a significant milestone in optical connectivity innovation, offering the bandwidth, power reduction, and system efficiency that will enable us to deliver next-generation pluggable transceiver performance,” said Osa Mok, in a statement. He is the chief marketing officer, InnoLight Technology. “Nova’s proven PAM4 DSP technology, TIAs, and drivers bring a reliable solution that will help us speed time to market and advance the 1.6 Tbps optical ecosystem as AI workloads ramp in the data center.” 

“Optical modules are the critical link inside the data center to keep data moving. They are one of the unsung heroes of data infrastructure,” said Vlad Kozlov, founder and CEO of Light Counting Market Research. “Nova extends Marvell’s track record of leadership in optical DSPs and provides a path for cloud data center operators to increase their network capacity while reducing cost, power and maintenance per bit. Technology like this will be instrumental in the upcoming upgrade to 51.2 Tbps switching.” 

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Marvell Launches a 200Gbps Lambda Optical DSP

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min