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Lifetimes Extended for NXP’s Automotive MCUs

NXP Semiconductors has announced the extension of its Automotive Product Longevity commitment beyond 15 years for multiple general purpose Automotive MCU families in response to continued broad market demand. With more than 2.5 billion devices shipped to date, demand for NXP’s 8-bit S08, 16-bit S12(X) and MagniV products remains strong in motor control, lighting, sensing and general body control applications, says NXP.

NXP has extended the longevity of the following Automotive products:

Architecture Product Families Extended Longevity Date
8-bit S08 S08AW, AC*, D, EL, LG, MP, QD*, SG 2030
16-bit S12/S12X S12XE, S12XF, S12XHY, S12XS 2030
S12P, S12HY 2031
S12G 2032
S12 MagniV S12ZVC, VL, VH, VM, VMA, VMB, VR 2033
*excludes PDIP package.

According to NXP these products are supported by standard end-of-life notification policies. Longevity products remain in the program even if the manufacturing site changes. NXP manufactures at a number of facilities, including its own factories and qualified outside vendors. If NXP transfers a longevity product to another facility, it requalifies the product to maintain its status in the Longevity Program. In addition, NXP says it may need to migrate products to one that is form, fit and function compatible (in the event of a large volume decrease, technology or manufacturing change).

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Lifetimes Extended for NXP’s Automotive MCUs

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