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LG Uses Acquire Digital’s QSR Software In Their Interactive Kiosk

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

In June, at Infocomm, LG Business Solutions unveiled their new interactive Kiosk that uses Acquire Digital’s latest QSR software.

The Kiosk has been planned for some time, and many in the industry, especially LG and Acquire Digital, are saying it is going to change QSR and ease of use in ordering at the standalone station.

The Kiosk is an all-in-one solution that has been built with speed in mind. The Sales Manager at Acquire Digital had this to say about the turnout for the new AV device and Infocomm in general.

“The Infocomm show was a great opportunity to help launch the new LG All-In-One Kiosk to the AV community. Acquire Digital was delighted to partner with LG’s team to showcase our innovative software with one of the industry leaders in display technology. Quick-service restaurants are always looking for ways to improve the ordering experience and our combined solution is designed to do just that. The new kiosk was very well received by visitors who stopped by the LG booth.”

The Kiosk design is minimalist, with many of the functions right on the screen. There is only a Credit Card slot and a receipt printout port on the face of the kiosk and several control buttons on a ledge on the side of the display.

Acquire is working diligently on a turnkey solution, using many of the restaurant POS integrations available today. To streamline the process there are many POS platforms already available for the Kiosk.

Acquire is saying that with many of the integrations already in place, and the pre-built systems ready to go, the rollout of the system, and setup in multiple locations (restaurants) can be accomplished in a matter of days.

Some of the features that come with the Kiosk are smart signage options like digital menu boards, AI ordering, drive-thru displays, loyalty integrations, an ordering system, kitchen fulfillment and order fulfillment, plus more.

The development and design of this Kiosk solution are for quick-service restaurants, where time is of the essence. Many of these shops are integrating clerk-free operations, where a machine makes the coffee, or a sandwich is premade and ready to be delivered to the customer via a slot or tray.

The system is certainly anticipated and well rolled out. To find out more about Acquire Digital, check out their website.

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LG Uses Acquire Digital’s QSR Software In Their Interactive…

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