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Lantronix SOM Helps Create EchoNous AI- Assisted Handheld Ultrasound Device

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

In the last month, Lantronix announced its Open-Q Micro SOM (µSOM), Development Kit, and Engineering Services were used by EchoNous in the development of the first AI-assisted handheld ultrasound device, named Kosmos.

The Case Study

In this study, Lantronix’s Open-Q µSOM was utilized along with the development kit, and their Engineering Services to support EchoNous’s Kosmos to increase diagnostic confidence at the bedside, allowing clinicians to perform heart, lung, and abdominal assessments in just minutes. The evolving AI platform at Lantronix is based on deep-learning techniques that are innovative and at the heart of solving everyday problems in healthcare.

EchoNous came to Lantronix with the challenge to create a portable, tablet-based ultrasound device that would give clinicians the capability to perform ultrasounds tests instantly on patients and receive results immediately. In addition to that large task, the device needed to have AI-based deep-learning techniques to stay at the cutting edge of healthcare.

The main challenges of creating a tablet-based ultrasound device included:

  • Empower AI-based, deep-learning techniques
  • Ensure high-fidelity digital auscultation and integrated ECG
  • Produce high-resolution ultrasound images
  • Meet the demand for high-power performance

Lantronix’s Solution:

Open-Q Micro SOM, Development Kit, and Engineering Services.

EchoNous, working with Lantronix’s team, was able to develop the Kosmos portable medical ultrasound device. Providing the basis for this development was Lantronix’s Open-Q µSOM and development kit, which helped the engineering services team provide high-level expertise on the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU on which the Lantronix solution was based.

Open-Q Micro SOM


The first AI-assisted, tablet-based ultrasound device.

The device was named Kosmos, and it was created in a joint effort of Lantronix and EchoNous, to develop the first AI-assisted, tablet-based ultrasound device. Together this team created a powerful handheld ultrasound device with synchronized ultrasound, digital auscultation, ECG testing, and proprietary software that enables data to be sent from the ultrasound wand to the tablet.

The use of the PC allows Kosmos to meet all the extremely high processing-power demands, providing up to eight hours of power for true portability. The AI platform allows for deep-learning techniques that enable it to evolve to solve everyday problems in healthcare.

The main benefits include:

  • Earlier target launch date
  • Low cost
  • High performance
  • Affordable development tools
  • Affordable resources
  • High-level engineering support

Lantronix’s Open-Q µSOMs are a number of powerful, ultra-compact (50mm x 25mm) production-ready SOMs. They are used in the development of artificial intelligence, advanced 3-D graphics, Lifelike VR and AR experiences, advanced machine learning technology, and the highest levels in photography and videography.

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