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Laird is Offering Eight New Sub-GHz Peel-and-Stick Antennas

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Laird is offering eight new sub-GHz peel-and-stick antennas. Laird Connectivity is now offering a series of new internal antennas with support for the 868MHz and 915MHz frequency bands.

The antennas come in the Planar Inverted-F FlexPIFA and the Inverted FlexPIFA formats. The antenna is designed with challenging environments in mind. They are ultra-reliable and deliver strong performance. The frequency bands that are covered are 863-870MHz or 902-928MHz suitable for LoRaWAN applications or any proprietary sub-GHz radio applications.

The 868 and 915MHz FlexPIFA is a flexible, peel-and-stick PIFA designed for rapid integration inside devices and housings. This provides consistent performance across 868 and 915 MHz ISM bands and experiences less detuning when in the proximity of metal or a human body.

The i-FlexPIFA is an inverted, flexible peel-and-stick PIFA. This antenna also works in 868 and 915 MHz ranges. It is designed with a radiating element facing outward when adhered to the interior of a plastic enclosure.

The orientation offers an increased option set for mounting. The company uses the example of a forward-facing enclosure mounting surface on the underside of the enclosure. In these types of circumstances, the company feels the i-FlexPIFA outperforms competitor solutions in these orientations. This expands the Laird family of FlexPIFA product offerings.

“The FlexPIFA antennas have been a very popular, reliable choice with customers for many years, and we’re delighted to expand this long-standing range into Sub GHz frequency bands, as well as offer the new i-FlexPIFA options,” says Jonathan Kaye, VP of Product Management, Laird Connectivity. “These products are designed to achieve excellent performance in the harshest environments and are a testament to our innovation and dedication to simplifying wireless connectivity for our customers.” 

Both the FlexPIFA and the i-FlexPIFA come with MHF1 and MHF4L connector options and are suitable for applications such as agriculture, access control systems, smart transportation, industrial automation, and SCADA.

To find out more about the Laird Connectivity Sub-GHz PIFA antennas see the product page on their website, here.

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Laird is Offering Eight New Sub-GHz Peel-and-Stick Antennas

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min