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Kudelski IoT is now a Matter Standard Certificate Authority

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Kudelski IoT is now a Matter standard certificate authority (CA). Just a few days ago Kudelski IO Things launched its Matter standard certification process. The company is offering a range of security services and technologies to device manufacturers, adopting Matter, the smart home standard that is sweeping through the Internet of Things (IoT) world.

The Connectivity Standard Alliance, the home authority for the Matter standard, has approved Kudelski IoT as a Certificate Authority (CA) and Product Attestation Authority (PAA). This allows Kudelski to deliver signed certificates to device manufacturers that have met the requirements of the Matter standards.

These unifying and secure devices can then work seamlessly in concert with any other Matter device.

The Matter certification process allows manufacturers to quickly and easily get scalable access to Device Attestation Certificates (DACs). The service that Kudelski offers is a managed “PKI as a Service” platform that works with Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) on the grounds of Kudelski to receive private keys.

The manufacturers can then use the platform to manage the security lifecycle of the certificates and devices to their own unique, dedicated, cloud-based application. In addition to the CA being cost-effective, device and silicon manufacturers will have access to a portfolio of services to help them effectively design, build, and test security. It also allows the manufacturer to manage the security throughout the device or silicon’s lifecycle.

The services that are offered by Kudelski IoT include threat and risk assessment, device security assessments, firmware monitoring, security architecture, and secure firmware update services.

The company said in a statement, “we’re already working with a number of device manufacturers to ensure their products will work seamlessly within the Matter ecosystem. Our announcement has engendered huge interest in not only Matter certificates but also in the question of IoT security in general, and we look forward to helping our customers release innovative, secure smart home products that protect both consumer privacy and company reputation.”

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Kudelski IoT is now a Matter Standard Certificate Authority

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min