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KRYTAR Announces New Family of Monopulse Comparators Offering Ultra-Broadband Beamforming Solutions from 0.5 to 40 GHz

KRYTAR Comparators
Written by Kirsten Campbell

KRYTAR, Inc., announces a new family of Monopulse Comparators offering beamforming solutions with coverage of multiple microwave bands, from 0.5 to 40 GHz. A KRYTAR Monopulse Comparator is a beamforming network used to feed a phased array of antenna elements. Its purpose is to control the direction of a beam, or beams, of radio transmission.

KRYTAR Monopulse Comparators are the ideal choice for antenna array beamforming, high-speed radar searching and tracking, multipath simulation and performance evaluation, and many other applications. Offering coverage of multiple microwave bands, from 0.5 to 40 GHz (L- thru Ka-Bands), KRYTAR’s Monopulse Comparators have the advantage over other methods of angular beamforming with excellent functionality and simplicity of use.

Properties that are important to beamforming include Bandwidth, Phase and Amplitude Imbalance, High Isolation, Low Insertion Loss and VSWR, Superior Electrical Performance and Rugged Designs. This new family of ten (10) models of Monopulse Comparators use KRYTAR’s high-performance 180-degree Hybrid Couplers providing superior phase accuracy, amplitude imbalance, stability and repeatability all within a single compact package with coaxial connectors.


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KRYTAR Announces New Family of Monopulse Comparators Offering Ult…

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