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Knowles Precision Devices Introduces a Medical-Grade Capacitor Catalog For Implantable Device Applications

Medical Grade Capacitors from Knowles Precision Devices
Written by Kirsten Campbell

This series is designed to offer the broadest variety of medical-grade capacitors so engineers can have confidence in the compatibility and quality of their selections.

Knowles Precision Devices, a division of Knowles Corporation, recently introduced the MD Series, a range of medical-grade capacitors for implantable designs. The MD Series encompasses C0G, X7R and X5R monolithic ceramic chips.

With a legacy in testing and screening military-grade reliability specifications (MIL-SPECS) for defense and military applications, Knowles has adopted that same rigor for medical applications.

“Our in-house engineers know how helpful it is to have comprehensive specifications readily available. It saves a lot of time in ordering and sourcing, which expedites the overall production process,” said Victor Lu, applications engineer, Knowles Precision Devices. “We wanted it to be easy for design teams to identify which components are medical-grade and what screening they’ve undergone. Ultimately, engineers should feel assured that these components will serve their designs and meet their high-reliability requirements.”

In addition to the MD Series distinction, the catalog indicates chip size, dielectric, capacitance, tolerance, voltage VDWC, termination, high-reliability testing, packing option(s), and screening. Beyond Group A, all screening options are tailored for selectable-combination testing. This reduces or eliminates the cost associated with developing and maintaining device-specific documentation packages and better preserves each component’s performance integrity through design and manufacturing.

The MD Series can be screened using two long-standing MIL-SPECs: MIL-PRF-55681 (Group A) and MIL-PRF-123 (Group A).

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Knowles Precision Devices Introduces a Medical-Grade Capacitor Ca…

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