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InnovationLab’s Battery Management Solution BaMoS Uses Printed Sensors to Monitor Battery Function and Extend EV Range

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

At the beginning of 2022, InnovationLab announced their battery management solution, BaMoS to monitor battery function and extend EV range. BaMoS stands for Battery Monitoring System, and it uses printed sensors to capture individual cell data for pressure and temperature. The sensors are ultra-thin and can help extend battery lifecycles up to 40%.

In an electric vehicle (EV), the battery is the fuel for the engine, the most vital part of the system. Despite all the research on how long batteries last, there is little known about how batteries react in stress tests in the instances of pressure and temperature. For that matter exactly what takes place during the charging cycle?  This is mainly an issue due to the inaccessibility of the interior of a battery, during use.

The BaMoS provides a system that captures detailed, cell-level pressure and temperature data. The data is obtained from ultra-thin sheets of printed sensors, that are placed between the individual cells of a battery. The sheets which are called “foils” can follow the expanding and contracting of the cells, as it is happening during charge and discharge states, like breathing. The BaMoS can monitor this “breathing” and note irregular behavior or prevent overcharging.

When the insights are coming in on the cell level it offers valuable information on health and performance, helping development teams and researchers improve battery design. This would include monitoring systems that could improve the overall range of the EV.  The data is temporally and spatially resolved and can provide an accurate complete picture of battery behavior.

InnovationLab offers a comprehensive package containing the sensors, and equipment necessary to monitor the battery when in use. The foils can sense differences in pressure as the battery charges, and allow or adjust for capacity, increasing the actual power ranges. In the area of temperature, if the sensors fix on a low temperature, a heating element in the foil can be heated and return the battery to a balanced state, increasing performance and longevity. InnovationLab |

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InnovationLab’s Battery Management Solution BaMoS Uses Printed …

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