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Infineon’s ModusToolbox Helps Get IoT Started For Their MCUs

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Infineon says their ModusToolbox is all any developer needs to get started with IoT. It is a collection of easy-to-use software and tools for developing Infineon MCUs. The applications the toolbox can be used for embedded sense, control, wireless, and cloud-connected systems using AIROC Wi-Fi, AIROC Bluetooth, and AIROC Wi-Fi and Combo devices

The Software

This development system consists of run-time software that covers almost all areas of development, board-support packages, peripheral APIs, middleware, and code examples. Those optional development tools are hosted on GitHub for easy access and provided with an open-source license. Documentation is available immediately, even before the software is downloaded.

ModusToolbox middleware is an easy-access intermediary ware that adds a unique value to Infineon devices. The configurators and Tuners help in setting up underlying hardware in an easy, simple, error-free environment. The combination of technologies presents allows for optimized implementation and a more intuitive programming interface to Infineon’s key technology areas.

Some of the supported technologies and interfaces are

  • Cloud connectivity
    • Native support for AIROCV Wi-Fi full network stack and support for the leading cloud platforms built-in
  • Network Security
    • TLS is built into the connectivity libraries and a secure socket API is used for immediate access.
  • Low Power Assist
    • Low-power assist filters unnecessary waking commands from the network on the device that is using the connectivity. This keeps most MCUs asleep and conserving power.
  • Device Security
    • PSA and PKCS#11 libraries enable access to secure services that are provided in Cortex-M0 and the dual-core PSoC 64 Secure MCUs
  • Coexistence
    • Automatically balances bandwidth load between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, using the Serial Enhanced Coexistence interface.
    • The gold standard for the replacement of a mechanical button, with outstanding SNR and a self-calibrating baseline sensitivity algorithm.
  • Bluetooth
    • AIROC™ Bluetooth is widely used in the industry and supports, Classic, BLE, and Bluetooth Mesh operations

Machine Learning

The ModusToolbox Machine Learning (ML) platform enables the developer to rapidly evaluate and deploy Infineon MCUs Machine Learning models. The ModusToolbox ML is designed to work with ModusToolbox as a seamless sharing of the entire ecosystem, systems, and processes. The ModusToolbox ML can be dropped into existing projects to deploy machine learning in low-power edge devices.

Some of the ways ModusToolbox ML enables integration and flexibility are

  • Import models from training frameworks such as TensorFlow™
  • Optimize the model for embedded platforms, where size and complexity can be reduced.
  • Validate the performance of the optimized model, taking test data and checking it against performance.
  • Generate model code and libraries that are optimized for integration into the ModusToolbox workflow.

All the ModusToolbox libraries are supported by the Library Manager with an easy-to-maintain manifest file is all that is required for the developers and their teams to include their own software package. That is as well as getting access to all the same options and features.  The Library Manager will automatically update everything in the project to the latest version of the tool, or choose a specific version from a specific library.

The selection process is easy, and ModusToolbox will make all the changes for the developer.

To read further on ModusToolbox and Infineon MCU’s, and development boards check out Infineon’s websites or start with the ModusToolbox™ Product Page.

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Infineon’s ModusToolbox Helps Get IoT Started For Their MCUs

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 2 min