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Infineon Partners with Edge Impulse to Expand Their Choice-of-Platforms and Edge AI Capabilities

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Infineon partners with Edge Impulse to expand their Choice-of-Platforms and Edge AI capabilities. To offer developers edge Machine Learning (ML) options, using the high-performance, low-power PSoC 63 BLE Microcontroller (MCU) Infineon has teamed up with Edge Impulse.

Just this past week Infineon announced its intention to work directly with Edge Impulse. The move is meant to offer a broader range of options to developers of AI-enabled IoT applications using the PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCUs.

The platform allows customers added flexibility and choice-of-platforms, to natively develop and configure ML applications for systems based on the PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCU devices. The MCUs provide 150MHz Arm CPU performance with low-power connectivity and many peripheral options.

Infineon’s PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCU device features a dual-core Arm Cortex-M4F and Arm Cortex M0+ chip architecture, configurable voltage and frequency settings, state-of-the-art capacitive interfaces, Bluetooth LE 5.2, built-in hardware-based security and more features on a single chip.

As of right now, the PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCU is the only 150 MHz Bluetooth LE MCU in the marketplace. This member of the PSoC family of MCUs is designed to be a combination of power efficiency, size, and programmability. The companies feel this is suitable for edge IoT applications that could benefit from the ability to run advanced ML algorithms.

“By collaborating with Edge Impulse on the PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCU, Infineon customers can bring their solutions faster to market for embedded AI/ML use cases. Infineon is committed to enabling our customers to develop their own AI/ML models or use a model out of a suite of predefined models available from Infineon or our valuable partners. Infineon is excited to add Edge Impulse to our growing partner network, and will continue to work with our extensive group of AI/ML partners that complements our offerings,” said Shantanu Bhalerao, Vice President of the Bluetooth Product Line at Infineon.

The two companies will release a joint webinar on the integration of the PSoC Bluetooth LE MCU, where Infineon and Edge Impulse will discuss the integration together. The webinar will be released on July 12, 2023 – registration is free here.

For more information on the partnership or to find out more about the PSoC 63 Bluetooth LE MCU, see the announcement here.

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Infineon Partners with Edge Impulse to Expand Their Choice-of-Pla…

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