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Infineon Launches The AURIX Family Of Microcontrollers, A Big Innovation In Car Electrification And Digitization

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

At the heart of mobility going forward will be carbon-neutral, autonomous, fully connected, and cyber secure vehicles. Infineon believes that microelectronics are at the heart of that process of innovation. To that end, they are launching the AURIX family of microcontrollers meant to reach the heart of the transformative auto design and bring it forward to the present, and for decades to come.

This series of the AURIX family of microcontrollers is the TC4x series. The TC4x is meant to encourage trends in eMobility, advanced driver assists systems (ADAS), and automotive electric-electronic (E/E) architecture. The trends in this sector will also include more affordable artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Additionally, the scalable family concept fosters a common software architecture allowing for significant platform savings, for software development and execution.

Some of the latest challenges facing the automotive market can be readily addressed with the TC4x family of MCUs.

  • Innovations in E/E architecture, focused on domain and zone control
  • Increased safety and automated driving
  • Accelerated shift from conventional powertrains to xEV

The TC4x family of MCU’s are presently addressing these issues, with real-world solutions.

The AURIX TC4x cybersecurity innovation has been instrumental in advancing communication capabilities within the automobile industry, by developing the cybersecurity cluster, (CSx).

It will essentially secure the vehicle inside and out. The four main areas that must be addressed are listed below.

  • Secure the platform
  • Secure onboard communication
  • Secure Network separation
  • Secure external communication
The four layers of cybersecurity of automobiles of the future

The cybersecurity cluster will support new features and algorithms, as well as offer the latest in hardware acceleration. The cybersecurity cluster will increase performance and resolve bottlenecks.

The two main modules in the cybersecurity cluster are:

  • Cybersecurity real-time cluster (CSRM)
  • Cybersecurity satellite (CSS)

Other areas that are of interest to the development of the automotive industry include Visualizer Development Kit, advanced C++ compiler, Lauterbach VT debugger, the AURIX SW ecosystem for model-based software development, and many more.

There are right now, leading car manufacturers that will have at least 35 AURIX MCUs in their vehicles by the mid-2020s. The TC4x family of microcontrollers supports eMobility and the advancement of automated driving.  Furthermore, the new SOTA (software-over-the-air) features will help secure car-to-cloud connections. Enabling field updates, in-the-field diagnostics, and analysis while the vehicle is in use.

The safety features that can come from these advancements are head-on collision avoidance, lane drifting deterrence, real-time traffic information, avoiding bottlenecks, long trip planning, stopping the weaving in and out of traffic, short distance braking from high speed, and many more.

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Infineon Launches The AURIX Family Of Microcontrollers, A Big Inn…

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