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Infineon Introduces CoolGaN, the Latest in Their GaN Offerings

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Power conversion is a large market today. Expectations of longer battery life drive the demand for high-performance and low-cost power products. This drive is also focused on faster communications and more relevant and capable Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. This also needs to be delivered at a lower cost, from the huge network of hyperscale data centers, 5G integrations, and telecom server farms, being added to our routines in life.

Infineon’s GaN power technology is offering the 600V CoolGaN GIT HEMT technology. The High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) is formed by joining two fundamentally different substrates together. The joining produces a heterojunction transistor that promotes higher electron mobility. This allows for stable switching during the GaN HEMT process.

The types of products Infineon is producing for the Gallium Nitride (GaN) market include several different combinations of GaN with Silicon Carbide (SiC) materials. If it were possible to grow the large diameter wafers from a single crystal GaN growth sequence, then vertical transistors could be fabricated much the same as Silicon Carbide transistors or more commonly known as SiC MOSFETs.

Growing a GaN crystal is prohibitively difficult. Instead, a silicon wafer is used instead to make the substrate to grow the GaN crystal on a low-cost large diameter wafer. The GaN is grown epitaxially so it can be formed into lateral transistors that are known as High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs).

The GaN HEMT transistors can improve power density, as well as be capable of high-speed switching. They are well suited to devices with fast turn-on or off, and enable high efficiency and enhanced reliability.

One of the accompanying products that support the CoolGaN lineup is the GaN EiceDriver gate driver ICs. These Integrated Circuits (ICs) are single and dual-channel isolated and non-isolated ICs.

The GaN EiceDriver ICs are developed for high performance in high voltage CoolGaN gallium nitride transistor design. These are out-of-the-box solutions that reduce time-to-market. There are four offering types in the Standard gate driver IC line, and they are useful for high-power and hard-switching applications.

Infineon GaN solutions can be found on their gallium nitride website page, found here.

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Infineon Introduces CoolGaN, the Latest in Their GaN Offerings

by Stephen Vicinanza time to read: 1 min