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Ideal Power Launches its First Power Module Aimed at the Solid State Circuit Breaker Market

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Ideal Power launches its first power module aimed at the solid-state circuit breaker market. The SymCool Power Module is a multi-die B-TRAN module rated at 1200V 100A featuring double-sided cooling.

The design is meant to meet the low conduction loss needs of the solid-state circuit breaker (SSCB) market. The B-Tran is the proprietary patented semiconductor power switch that is bidirectional, used in the SymCool Power Module.

The development has been designed for the modules to be used in parallel arrangements that can achieve a wider range for high power applications in utility, industrial, and military applications.

“We believe our SymCool™ Power Module is well-suited for the large, growing circuit breaker market, with the market projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 6% to approximately $26 billion by 2027. With clear advantages over electromechanical, IGBT, and MOSFET-based breakers, we believe B-TRAN™ enabled SSCBs are ideal for a range of utility, military, and industrial power control applications. Today’s introduction is a tremendous achievement for our entire team and marks the realization of our vision for our bidirectional, low-loss power semiconductor architecture. We look forward to our first commercial sales later in 2023 as we execute our B-TRAN™ product roadmap,” concluded Brdar.

“The introduction of our first commercial product marks a pivotal development for Ideal Power’s B-TRAN™ technology, and we could not be more excited,” stated Dan Brdar, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Power. “The SymCool™ Power Module was designed specifically to enable SSCBs to deliver very low conduction losses. B-TRAN™-enabled SSCBs are expected to be smaller and more efficient than SSCBs using traditional semiconductor switches while operating orders of magnitude faster than conventional electromechanical breakers.

During usage, circuit breakers are constantly conducting electrical current. It is critical to keep conduction losses to a minimum. The SymCool Power Module shows dramatic reductions in conduction losses. This makes the modules suitable for the constant high voltage of a large electrical grid, and do not waste energy that is so important to wind and solar energy distribution grids.

Key features

  • Bidirectional, which equates to fewer switches. The SymCool allows flow in both directions, rather than just the unidirectional capabilities of the IGBTs, which are single-sided.
  • Advanced packaging, a benefit of the dual-sided B-Tran is advanced packaging. There is dual-sided cooling and built-in temperature sensing. This allows heat dissipation from both the top and bottom of the module.
  • Circuit Breakers are just about everywhere. There is a need for upgrading aging infrastructure, which is calling for advanced system circuitry. It is not only a high demand for circuit breakers in renewable energy, EV technology, microgrids, and energy storage, there is also utility transmission and distribution, and also railway systems.

To read more on the advanced SymCool Power Module and B-TRAN access the product page on the Ideal Power website, here.

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Ideal Power Launches its First Power Module Aimed at the Solid St…

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