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Himax and Seeed Studio Debut the Industry’s Most Innovative Battery-Powered Endpoint AI Vision Processing Module

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Written by Kirsten Campbell

Himax Technologies, Inc. a leading supplier and fabless manufacturer of display drivers and other semiconductor products, today announced that the Company, in collaboration with Seeed Studio, the IoT hardware partner providing services that empower developers to implement their projects and products for digital transformation, will unveil a cutting-edge battery-powered endpoint AI vision processing module, Grove Vision AI Module V2, at CES 2024. This processing module features Himax’s WiseEye2 AI processor HX6538 (“WE2”), renowned for its extremely low power consumption and exceptional AI inference performance, offering the most versatile and extensive AI development capabilities. Positioned at the forefront of the industry, the processing module serves as a powerful endpoint AI development platform, paving the way for future AI applications.

Himax’s WiseEyeTM Smart Image Sensing solution has been well adopted in a wide variety of endpoint AI applications. The new generation WE2 AI processor is built upon the success of its predecessor chip, WE1. WE2 leverages the advanced Cortex-M55 and Ethos U55 architecture to deliver 32 times faster inference speed and 50 times greater energy efficiency when compared to WE1. These enhancements allow the WE2 to enable more endpoint AI computational requirements while maintaining ultralow power consumption. The WE2 features a multi-layered power management structure and incorporates Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS) technology, to achieve microampere level power consumption. WE2 also incorporates impressive security features, including a Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) security mechanism that ensures each chip possesses a unique identity, mitigating the risks of unauthorized access and counterfeiting, thus enhancing the chip security. Additionally, the built-in RSA and ECC hardware encryption and decryption engines achieve millisecond-level fast secure boot, further ensuring secure and efficient data transmission.

As a pioneer in the AI-enabled microprocessor sector, WE2 offers exceptional AI inferencing capabilities with ultralow power consumption outperforming specifications of traditional MCUs. These advantages make WE2 the ideal choice for the Seeed Studio Endpoint AI vision processing module. The Seeed Studio Endpoint AI module, equipped with WE2, is a comprehensive development platform for endpoint AI devices that caters to diverse development needs for both software and hardware. In terms of hardware development, the module supports MIPI CSI cameras and microphones to assist in collecting image and sound data. Additionally, it offers universal interface design that supports numerous IO interfaces, allowing developers to connect different types of external devices on the same interface, and greatly enhancing the flexibility and convenience of product development.

For software development, Seeed Studio’s Endpoint AI vision processing module not only provides dozens of pre-trained AI models but also features the EdgeLab AI toolchain. This powerful tool chain allows users to tailor AI model trainings according to their specific requirements, thereby achieving more personalized AI software developments. When it comes to system-level hardware and software Interoperability and collaboration, the Seeed Studio processing module can seamlessly integrate with the widely popular Seeed’s universal XIAO microcontroller development board series. The combination enables the integration of the processing module into various household appliances with No-Code AI methodology, making the deployment of AI technology in home appliances more efficient.

“At Seeed Studio, we’re passionate about putting technology within easy reach, especially with a focus on vision AI innovations. We’re excited about Himax Technologies’ launch of the WiseEye2 HX6538. This collaboration amplifies our efforts in visual machine learning, and we’re proud to stand as partners with Himax,” said Joey Jiang, GM of Industry and Application Group of Seeed Studio.

“Our collaboration with Seeed Studio propels the WE2 technology into a broader market scope, thereby pioneering advancement in the field of endpoint AI devices,” said Mr. Mark Chen, Vice President of Smart Sensing business at Himax. “With its superb AI inference power, ultralow power consumption, and information security features, WE2 has become the top choice for development of endpoint AI applications. We continue our commitment to R&D investment to ensure that our products maintain their industry-leading position and look forward to working with more leading brands and eco-system partners to jointly promote the development of endpoint AI devices,” concluded Mr. Chen.

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Himax and Seeed Studio Debut the Industry’s Most Innovative Bat…

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