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Gunnir Launches an MXM Form-Factor Intel Arc A380 GPU, Aimed at Desktops

Written by Stephen Vicinanza

Gunnir launches an MXM form-factor Intel Arc A380 GPU, aimed at desktops. The new GPU is meant for desktops but in a mobile form factor, and an excess of VRAM. The China-based company is the only manufacturer that exclusively produces Intel-based graphics cards.

In a new move, the company has now revealed it is producing an MXM module that is based on the Intel Arc A380 and is carrying 6GB of GDDR6 memory. Applications for the GPU is notebooks, embedded applications, and desktops in proprietary form factors.

Gunnir has released the model as LM-A380-6G MXM 3.1 Type-A modules. They carry an Intel Arc A380, graphics processor which is a desktop-grade GPU. The model is the ACM-G11 GPU with eight Xe cores or 1024 stream processors. There is 6GB of memory connected through a 96-bit interface. It is likely that this processor increases its speeds over the Arc A370 – ACM-G11 with eight Xe cores. That model sported 4GB VRAM and a 64-bit memory interface.

In the wide world of gaming GPUs, there is little call for MXM modules, as most gaming laptops come with soldered-down GPUs that use VRAM. There are just two companies making proprietary GPU modules, Dell and Alienware, and just a few models come with the modules.

There is some surprise that Gunnir is manufacturing MXM modules based on desktop GPUs, made exclusively by Intel. There is the company’s exclusive focus on Intel graphics processors. There could be a move to address embedded machines and desktops with the MXM 3.1 Type-A modules.

There is a bit of a stir as the LM-A380-6G is rated at 75W thermal board power. This is an overheated unit for a mainstream laptop but is still suitable for embedded applications and some desktops.

There is a measure of raw GPU performance power, but the show will be in video capabilities, as the modules could find uses in Digital Signage.

The Gunnir Arc A380 6GB MXM 3.1 is available now and runs $260 – $286 without VAT. The main uses for this module will more than likely be ultra-compact desktops as well as embedded applications gives some weight to the cost being higher than a standard desktop Arc A380.

To find out more about the Gunnir Arc A380 6GB check out the product page here. There page is written in Chinese but translates fairly well.

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Gunnir Launches an MXM Form-Factor Intel Arc A380 GPU, Aimed at D…

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