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Full SEGGER Ecosystem Rolls for Renesas RE MCUs

SEGGER Microcontroller, in cooperation with Renesas, has announced the availability of its entire product portfolio for the Renesas RE Family MCUs. This includes a full line of development tools, embedded software and production tools, making firmware development for the Arm-based Renesas RE MCUs fast and easy. Embedded system developers can begin development with SEGGER’s Embedded Studio IDE. It includes a highly optimized run-time library and SEGGER’s own compiler and linker. Together, these tools generate extremely small and efficient application code, says SEGGER. The company’s J-Link debug probe offers the fastest flash download, including an unlimited number of breakpoints in flash memory.

On the application software side, SEGGER offers a highly efficient RTOS along with communication, security, GUI and IoT software designed in-house and specifically for embedded systems. SEGGER’s system verification tool, SystemView, proves its value during the development to reveal the true runtime behavior of the application. Upon completion of development, SEGGER’s Flasher series of production programmers make mass production a breeze.

Projects can easily be generated and trial versions of the software are available. SEGGER’s technical team and ecosystem offer full support throughout the development process and beyond.

The power efficiency of the Renesas RE Family MCUs (including the RE01-256K), combined with the low resource usage of SEGGER software, minimizes or sometimes even removes the need to recharge or replace batteries. This combined efficiency can be applied to home and building automation, smart farming, factories, a wide range of medical devices, wearable applications and more.

For more on SEGGER software tools for embedded systems, please visit:

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Full SEGGER Ecosystem Rolls for Renesas RE MCUs

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