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Firms Team up for IoT UI Design Solution

ADLINK Technology has announced a collaboration with Candera, an HMI design tool vendor, to provide an easier way to create immersive user interfaces for IoT applications. The companies’ first project brought to life a fully digital 2D/3D washing machine GUI (see below) leveraging ADLINK’s I-PI SMARC IoT protoyping platform and Candera’s CGI Studio.

In their first project together, ADLINK’s I-Pi SMARC with Rockchip PX30 SoC and Android 64bit OS powers the washing machine’s GUI designed in Candera’s CGI Studio. The GUI includes 3D animations for start-up and washing programs, and 2D animations for the progress bar and time, in full HD resolution with multi-language support.

CGI Studio is a highly intuitive, scalable and hardware independent HMI design for customizable embedded GUI solutions, say ADLINK. CGI Studio supplies ready-to-use HMI controls and the Candera Smart Importer for instant combination of designs with logic in only a few clicks, resulting in pin-sharp graphic scenes for both 2D and 3D graphic elements and animations.

ADLINK’s I-Pi SMARC PX30 ready-to-go IoT prototyping platform based on the LEC-PX30 SMARC module combines production-grade components, software portability, and Raspberry Pi-like flexibility for proof-of-concept designs. The modules are also available in industrial-grade SKUs with ETT and longevity of over 10 years.

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Firms Team up for IoT UI Design Solution

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