Fanless or Fan Cooled 550W Power Supplies From XP Power

XP Power CCP550 series
Written by Kirsten Campbell

Convection, conduction and fan-cooled ratings for low noise and high reliability

The new CCP550 series of low-profile, high power density 550W open-frame power supplies offers flexibility with multiple cooling options, addressing the need for quiet operation in noise sensitive applications or where no or limited airflow is available.

Your system design needs low voltage power, but you’re constrained for space and face challenges integrating a power supply into your industrial or BF-rated medical equipment. 

CCP550 offers excellent thermal performance, ensuring high reliability, and class B conducted emissions, allowing easy integration into industrial applications, such as test & measurement, process control and analytical instruments.

CCP550 series features include:

  • 300W convection, 400W conduction, 550W fan-cooled rating
  • Compact 127 x 76.2 (5″ x 3″) package
  • Output voltages from 12 to 48VDC
  • ITE safety approvals
  • Class B conducted emissions
  • Optional 5V standby & remote On/Off

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Fanless or Fan Cooled 550W Power Supplies From XP Power

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